How To Control Erratic Emotions During Menopause

Best Pelvic Floor Exercises For Women

Menopause is a very trying period for all women. The body is undergoing a lot of changes that can affect the mind as well. Many women experience mood swings and depression due to the hormone fluctuations in the body. With a bit of self care, all these difficulties along with the physical problems can be taken care of and the discomforts can be considerably reduced.

Ways To Control Emotions During Menopause

Exercise Regime

Exercise is the best way by which you can keep your all-round health intact. Exercising helps in reducing mental strain and stress as well, as it releases feel good hormones in the body.

Best Pelvic Floor Exercises For Women

These hormones help in relaxation. Exercises like running, walking, swimming, aerobic activity or strength training can be considered as per your liking to control the erratic emotions that crop up during menopause.

Good Sleep

Ensuring that you have eight hours of uninterrupted sleep too will help you control mood swings to a great extent. Sleep will remove stress and tiredness. Insomnia is a very common disorder associated with menopause.


Insomnia can be controlled with the help of natural treatment methods like intake of flax seeds, dong quai, evening primrose oil etc. which stops hot flashes and night sweats, thereby inducing good sleep as well.For undisturbed sleep, you must also stay away from stimulant drinks like coffee which can tamper sleep.

Practicing Relaxation Methods

Menopause can cause a lot of stress as a result of all the daunting symptoms and hormonal changes in the body. Holistic practices like yoga, meditation etc. help in treating such symptoms effectively and reducing the stress hormone cortisol in the body. This will in turn improve sleep and also enhance mood, thereby attaining great relief from menopause.

Breathing and Relaxation Techniques

Vitamin supplements for health

Vitamins that are essential for optimum emotional health must be taken as supplements if you are particularly troubled by erratic emotions during menopause. B vitamins are important in reducing the levels of stress and improving the emotional health of the woman.

Herbal supplements like black cohosh, flax seeds and dong quai help in regularising hormonal imbalances which can directly impact your emotional health as well.

Vitamin D Supplements

However, these herbal medications must be taken only with adequate monitoring of a herbalist as some may even cause interference with other hormone treatments that you are undertaking in order to reduce the symptoms of menopause.


Acupuncture is known to relieve menopause symptoms including mood swings. But this should be done only under a registered practitioner as it requires certain amount if expertise and understanding of the points where needle can be applied.


Self Care Measures

Other self care measures include making sure that you prevent yourself from being under stressful situations if possible and surround yourself with positive people who can help you go through this situation effectively.

Self Care Measures

It is also important for your to assess your health condition while you are under emotional stress as stress can be a great contributor to cardiovascular diseases and other conditions.