How To Delay Menstruation With Home Remedies

  • KashaUK2000

    Firstly, there is no reason why a woman should need to delay menstruation – it doesn’t stop women from doing anything they’d do any other time of their cycle, and some things (e.g. sex) are better during menstruation. If a woman suffers problems like cramps then short of a health problem like endometriosis these problems can be prevented as easily as by changing diet or taking herbal treatments.

    For swimming menstrual cups are far better than tampons as they’re safer (no risk of TSS, infections, increased cramps or exposure to dioxin) so can be worn with any flow up to 12 hours – for swimming they’re better as they don’t absorb water, nothing shows outside the body, and they don’t leak like tampons. For sex limit or avoid mess by having sex without vaginal penetration, use a towel under you, or use menstrual products like softcups, soft tampons and diaphragms that prevent flow leaving the body while still allowing vaginal penetration – thus sex with no mess.

    Progesterone doesn’t ‘trick’ the body into thinking it’s pregnant, it is always present within women’s bodies, the drop in progesterone towards the end of the woman’s cycle is what triggers menstruation. Tablets containing synthetic progesterone can delay a period, but there is no natural means of doing this (except lunaception to change ovulation, in turn changing menstruation, but this takes months).

    Menstruation isn’t just menstrual bleeding – it is the end/start of the menstrual cycle, a constant cycle of hormonal changes within the body – anything a doctor gives to start bleeding early is NOT starting menstruation, it’s just bleeding meant to mimic menstruation, much like withdrawal bleeding while on hormonal birth control is meant to mimic menstruation. Without ovulation menstruation cannot occur, and no medication can speed-up ovulation and the menstrual cycle enough to start menstruation early – it’s vitally important women understand this difference.

    Menstruation can be induced naturally – there are multiple hormones that are known (scientifically) to do this, parsley is a common method as it softens the cervix but it’s known as a ‘helper herb’ which is best use in conjunction with something else, vitamin C is commonly used in induction which starves the uterus of progesterone. Induction using such methods WILL NOT WORK if a woman is not due to menstruation (e.g. if she’s not yet ovulated, and with uterus lining build-up). Induction like this is only really effective if used when the period is due or late – although stronger herbs and doses can be used to induce miscarriage, so theoretically would be strong enough to induce menstruation earlier, but shouldn’t be used this way as it can be harmful. Things like hot foods etc. do not work to induce menstruation at all.

    Stress, fasting and illness can all delay menstruation – this is because it delays ovulation; the body will not risk pregnancy if you’re in poor health. I’ve never known a woman purposefully stressing herself out or causing significant enough harm to her health so to purposefully delay or stop menstruation.