There are many women who get utterly confused with all the calculations and ovulation cycles that they have to keep a track of. Most of them do not have a good idea about when they can get pregnant. The general assumption among women is that they cannot become pregnant immediately after their periods. While this may be true, it is not entirely impossible as well.

A woman generally ovulates between the 11th and 20 day after their menstruation. The monthly cycle of a woman varies between 22 and 30 days and going by it, it is sometimes possible for ovulation to take place a few days after menstruation. Taking into consideration the fact that sperms can remain alive for up to 5 days, you could get pregnant with the sperms that are inside your body from intercourse a day after your period.

Ways To Get Pregnant A Day After Your Period Ends

Things To Consider

Things To Consider

Though you may not have any particular reason to get pregnant a day after your period ends, the ideal time to consider for pregnancy is a week after your period ends which is when you have your fertile days and when the egg is matured and moving out from the ovaries through the fallopian tubes. The egg can remain in the fallopian tube for 24 hours. Having sex at this time means that the sperms stand a chance or fertilising the egg immediately as they enter.

Track Ovulation

Track Ovlution

If you are not sure about your date of ovulation and have never calculated it, a day after your menstruation ends is the best time to calculate it. The best way to do this is to check your cervical mucous as basal body temperatures will only tell you when ovulation has occurred and not predict the day of ovulation. Keep checking the cervical mucous for egg white consistency and clarity and that looks stringy which is when you are ovulating. As the cervical mucous turns less cloudy and more clear, your spouse can get ready for intercourse. Before intercourse, he must make sure that he has abstained from sex for 48 hours to make his sperm count strong.

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Menstruation Cycle

Menstruation Cycle

It is also important to track your menstruation cycle. Most women will have a 30 days cycle and some might have less than 22 which is when there are more chances of the ovulation taking place closer to your last day of menstruation. Tracking your cycles and ovulation for a few months will help you assess your probable dates of ovulation and get ready for pregnancy. While it is not technically possible for all women to get pregnant the day after her period ends, it may be a possibility if you plan your intercourse 5 days before ovulation which could mean that you can have intercourse the day after your menstruation and abstain from sex on the other days. The sperms that thrive inside for 5 days will then fertilise the egg once the ovulation starts and make you pregnant. Thus, you would have become pregnant with the sperms that have been inside since the day after your menstruation. As pregnancy the day after menstruation is just a matter of chance, do not expect 100 percent results.

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