7 Natural Cures For Blocked Nose

Blocked Nose

Congestion of nose or nasal congestion is most common among people. This is also known as blocked nose. The blocked nose or nasal congestion could be caused due to many culprits either due to cold or allergic rhinitis or deviated septum which could be caused due to injury in childhood. There are many more reasons associated to this problem.

Nasal congestion could lead to many problems like breathing, hearing, swelling, high fever, headache, sinus pressure, sneezing etc. Many people may visit general physician to get rid of blocked nose and would undergo a treatment through prescribed medicines. Surgery is offered to only those who suffer from chronic sinusitis where patients suffer from inflammatory conditions.

Millions would prefer to treat themselves naturally in case of blocked nose as it is considered to be one of the best available and easy going remedy. Natural remedies work well in reducing the symptoms caused due to blocked nose.

Tips To Cure Blocked Nose Naturally

Nasal Spray Therapy

We can make our own nasal spray therapy. We can mix one teaspoon of salt in warm water. Allow to salt to deposit in the warm water and with help of a nasal dropper we can deposit 3-5 drops of salt water in our nostril and then gently discharge it.

Nasal Spray Therapy

Repeat this activity with other nose too. It helps it opening the congestion allowing the person to breathe properly.


Exercises are a very good way in giving relief from blocked nose. We can pinch our nose and walk 20-30 steps holding our breath and nod our head up and down gently.

Breathing Exercise

We could do this kind of exercise 2-3 times daily. It helps to clear the congestion of our nose thus helping a person to breathe.

Effect Of Warm Humidifiers

We can set up our own humidifiers at home only. We can boil water in a pot and add some amount of peppermint leaves in it. After boiling we keep in our room to increase the moisture content. But remember too much increase in moisture content can cause respiratory problems.


Such natural homemade humidifiers can also used in clearing the congestion through steaming or vaporization. Breathe in and out while filling your lungs and other nasal passages through the warm water steam for 10-15 minutes. This gives an immediate relief from the blocked nose.

Spiciness Helps In Temporary Relieve

Another good method of naturally curing blocked nose is by eating spicy foods. Such food may include peppers, horseradish (wasabi), and ginger.

Ginger Tea

Spiciness can give temporal relieve from the breathing problem. We can also drink hot tea with ginger added to it. It helps to give some kind of relieve from the blocked nose.

Effect Of Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus oil helps in clearing nasal passages when inhaled. It is effective for infants and kids suffering from blocked nose. We can use eucalyptus oil over chest rubs to give relief from breathing conditions. We can fill a small plastic vial with cotton, add two or three drops of eucalyptus oil and then secure the cap on the vial. During the time of breathing problems, open the vial and inhale deeply a few times.

Eucalyptus Oil

You can also use eucalyptus oil in many other ways to help alleviate a blocked nose problem. We can carry the vial at the work place or our office as this kind of remedy gives instant relief. Another way is adding few drops in our vaporizer and inhaling the hot water steam. This kind of home activity helps in relaxation and reduces fatigue and nasal congestion.

Blow It Out

It is one of the most natural and healthy way of treating the problem of blocked nose and suggested by many health practitioners. Blowing of nose helps the congested mucus to come out and helps the person to breathe properly.

Blow It Out

We should be keeping a handkerchief or a tissue in our hand to blow out and it also lessens the effect of nose congestion. But we should be careful with this trick as we should be blowing one nostril at a time or else it could just worsen our sinus pressure. This kind of remedy has been in practice from traditional times.


It is very easy to treat blocked nose with massage therapy. This is based on Chinese Acupressure. We can apply pressure on the nostrils, for 10 times. We can then press the corner of the eyes near the nose 10 times.


We then need to press the cavity below the ear behind the earlobe for another 10 times. And then massage our earlobes for 10 times. This is the best procedure to get relief from nasal congestion on instant basis.