6 Ways To Remove Pubic Hair During Pregnancy



Pregnancy can be a testing time for women with the body undergoing a sea of changes (both physical and emotional). And one area that is prone to change a lot as the due date nears is the pubic area which needs to be kept clean and dry at all costs. And that includes removing unwanted hair from the pubic region.

Sadly, that becomes a near impossible task owing to the bulging tummy that hides away the pubic region completely. And no amount of stretching or bending would enable you to catch a glimpse of the area you need to clean.So how do you go about getting rid of pubic hair when you are pregnant? Telling a family member (even your husband) can be quite embarrassing too. Well here are some effective tips you can try out to remove pubic hair and keep your genitals clean throughout your pregnancy.

Ways to Removing Pubic Hair During Pregnancy

Using a Shaver


Women who are used to shaving off their pubic hair need to be extra cautious when doing the same during pregnancy. For even a small mistake can cause a serious wound and ensuing infections.

The best way to remove pubic hair with a shaver when you are pregnant is to use a mirror. Catching a glimpse of the mirror image of the area would enable you to have an idea of where to shave. Accordingly, you can start off by trimming the hair with a trimmer and then use a shaver to shave off the remaining hair. Be very careful when you are using both the trimmer and shaver though and go about the process very carefully.

Using Hair Removal Creams


Hair removal creams can be considered safer options when compared to shavers when removing pubic hair during pregnancy. Apply the cream all over the genital area, wait for a few minutes and simply wipe off the area with a wad of cotton or a piece of cloth. Use a mirror afterwards to check if you might have missed out on any area.

Threading Hair

Threading Hair

Threading can effectively remove unwanted hair from the body. However, when it comes to a sensitive area like the pubic region, you need to be extra careful. The process may be painful and can possibly cause rashes as well. So be completely sure before you go ahead with the process. And seek the help of a friend if required.

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Permanent Removal Strategies


Of course there is always the option of laser therapy to permanently get rid of unwanted body hair, including the hair present in the pubic region. And although the procedure can be expensive, it would offer permanent relief from unwanted hair by uprooting them from the follicles and sealing the same.

Avoid Waxing


Some women opt to wax unwanted hair from the body. Be forewarned that waxing can be quite painful in the sensitive areas of the body, including the pubic region. The procedure can potentially cause extreme pain, rashes, wounds and infections. So opt for other alternatives when trying to remove pubic hair during pregnancy.

Preventing Rapid Hair Growth

Turmeric & Coconut Oil

It is generally considered wise to apply some turmeric or coconut oil in the genital area after removing pubic hair. Doing so will ensure that the hair does not grow back rapidly.