Loss of sexual desire in women Loss of sexual desire is not something that only old women are prone to. Even younger women experience loss of desire due to hormone problems. Deficiency of estrogen is one of the main causes that lead to sexual desire. Estrogen deficiency sets in during menopause.

Apart from estrogen which is only partly responsible, male hormone androgen is the major cause that leads to loss of sexual desire. Androgen deficiency in women crop us as difficulty in getting aroused, loss of sexual desire, decrease in muscles mass and also loss of pubic hair.

Medications For Loss Of Desire In Women

Many natural and hormone treatments are there for taking care of lack of sexual desire in women. Some of them are discussed here.


Though testosterone, the male hormone is not prescribed as a treatment for loss of sexual desire in women, it has been under use as an off label treatment for the past several years.  A transdermal patch of testosterone is used by women to increase libido. Many women have reported a marked change in their sexual habits after testosterone treatment.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Women who are in the perimenopause stage or those who have attained menopause often find loss of sexual desire as a symptom that accompanies these situations. The decline in estrogen levels in a woman’s body is what causes this problem. In such cases, Hormone replacement therapy is done by many women to balance the estrogen levels and regain the sexual desire.

Alternative Treatments To Treat Loss Of Desire In Women

Kegel Exercises

Loss of sexual desire in women

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At times, the slackness of vaginal muscles which happen after childbirth, hormonal changes or old age can lead to loss of sexual desire due to decreased sexual pleasure. Kegel exercises help in strengthening the vaginal muscles. All you need to do is to squeeze your vaginal muscles as you would do when you want to stop your urine from flowing out. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat whenever you can.

Raw Oysters

Loss of sexual desire in women

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Taking raw oysters may not be everyone’s idea of treating loss of sexual desire. But oysters are high in zinc which raises the levels of testosterone in the body and so a natural testosterone therapy that you can try. A few oysters taken every day after thorough cleaning might just do the trick.

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Loss of sexual desire in women

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A simple banana contains potassium and vitamin B which are required for the production of testosterone. Coupled with the fact that they can provide lot of energy as well, they make wonderful food for gaining lost vigour and vitality. Taking one banana a day will help in treating your loss of sexual desire.


Loss of sexual desire in women

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Known to be very high in amino acids, figs can help increase the libido of a woman naturally. Taking figs also help in increasing sexual stamina, thereby pepping up your entire performance in the bed.


Loss of sexual desire in women

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Asparagus is a medicinal plant that has abundant amounts of vitamin E. Vitamin E stimulates the production of sex hormones in the body. Taking asparagus can, therefore, help in increasing sexual desire in both men and women.

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