6 Natural Cure For Bags Under Eyes

Bags Under Eyes

Bags under the eyes make you look tired, worn out and very ugly. You can always use make up to hide it but how many times do you have to keep retouching it? The best thing to do is to nip this problem in its bud.

Remove the bags altogether. You don’t need any medicines or a doctor for that. All the things you will need are right there at your house. Here are some natural cures for bags under eyes mentioned below:

Natural Cure For Bags Under Eyes

Poultices And Home Remedies

Use of cucumbers and tea bags for this problem is known in almost every house. Applying cucumber slices on your eyes and lying down for around half an hour soothes your eyes.

Cucumber Slices

Tea leaves also do the same. Applying poultices with different mixtures in them also help. Here are a few of these methods you may try, if the cucumber and tea bags aren’t working.

Potato Slices

Lactic acid helps reduce puffiness. So dip a cotton ball in milk and apply it to your eyes for a few minutes. Potato slices also help a lot. Apply potato slices under your eyes for a few minutes and voila! You will mark a great change in your dark circles. You might try cooling your eyes too.

Potato Slices

Freeze a couple of spoons overnight and then put them on your eyes for a while. You may also fill your swimming goggles with water and freeze it and apply on your eyes. Another thing for you to try is using lemon slices. But be very careful not to squeeze them for that would burn immensely.

Leaving Them Alone

Avoid Rubbing Eyes

Sometimes the best thing to do to reduce the puffiness of your eyes is to let them be. Change your eating and sleeping habits and just let your eyes be. Do not scratch, touch or rub them continuously. These actions tends to make the situation a lot worse.

Healthy Diet

Changing your eating habits goes a long way in helping you with your dark circles or bags under your eyes. Sometimes the dark circles are caused not by lack of sleep but by diseases of the skin. Iron and protein are essential in overcoming these problems. Some people say eating kiwi and yoghurt helps reduce bags too.

Healthy Diet

Also you should try and drink lots of water while reducing the intake a caffeine. Caffeine is the major cause for dark circles. Not just because it lets you stay up late but also because the toxins in it are very harmful for your skin and causes pigmentation. Keeping yourself hydrated helps flush out unwanted toxins and gives you a better glowing skin with less chances of formation of bags.

Changing Your Sleeping Schedule

Changing Your Sleeping Schedule

Sleep is the leading cause of bags under the eyes. So if you suffer from diseases like chronic fatigue or insomnia you might want to undertake therapy for treating them.


Exercising and yoga help rejuvenate the body and keep it fit. Many yoga asanas are designed to relax and calm the body, resulting in better sleep and since lack of sleep is the major cause of bagginess under the eyes, yoga becomes one of the best natural cures for it.


However don’t try learning these asanas on your own. Enrol yourself for yoga classes and let your instructor guide you.