5 Natural Cure For Endometriosis


Around 10 percent women get affected by endometriosis. This ailment is essentially the overgrowth of the uterine tissue which spreads in other places. It is an extremely painful problem and there may be formation of internal scar tissue which leads to infertility.

This ailment is not properly understood by the medical community and the usual method to deal with this problem is to suppress the pain with painkillers or take birth control pills indefinitely so that there is no menstruation.

Surgical methods to deal with the problem are not completely successful and there is lot of recurrence of the problem after the uterine tissue has been surgically removed. However, there is a natural cure for endometriosis which helps in dealing with the symptoms to a great extent and also prevents the growth of the uterine tissue.

Ways To Cures Endometriosis 


According to traditional Chinese medicine, the main cause of endometriosis is improper functioning of the liver. Although traditional Chinese medicine is not scientifically proved, yet there is evidence from research that the liver is indeed related to the condition of endometriosis.


Hence, licorice which is beneficial for the liver is used in this condition to act as a natural remedy for endometriosis.

Dandelion And Milk Thistle

Dandelion is a wild weed that grows in most gardens and is well known for its healing properties. At the same time, milk thistle is also a well known herb used in the treatment of various diseases.


Dandelion strengthens the kidneys and liver and hence helps in flushing out the toxins from the body. Milk thistle is known for its beneficial effect on the liver and hence both these herbs are used as a natural cure for endometriosis.


Radishes are also used in traditional Chinese medicine to cure both endometriosis and jaundice. It is a good idea to include radish in your daily diet.


You can eat radish as part of a salad or otherwise on its own. Eating 1-2 radish per day will be a good idea if you are suffering from endometriosis.


Often even traditional medical practitioners recommend the use of cannabis in states where its medical use is legal. Along with relieving the pain of endometriosis, it also helps in reducing the inflammation.


Some women say that it is much more effective in helping with the pain of endometriosis than prescription pain killers. Cannabis is not addictive, does not harm the kidneys and also helps in dealing with the nausea that accompanies the pain quite often. Hence, cannabis is a great natural cure for endometriosis.

Castor Oil Transdermal Pack

Buy castor oil that is pure and cold pressed from a health food store and soak a wash cloth in it. Place this cloth on the bare lower abdomen. Place a plastic grocery bag on the cloth and a hot water bottle on top of that.

Castor Oil

The water should be very hot keeping in mind the person’s tolerance. This pack should be left on for at least 30 minutes and it will give great relief from the cramps and should be used in the beginning of the menstrual cycle.