5 Natural Cure To Fleas

Natural Cure To Fleas

Natural Cure To Fleas

Fleas are the sort of pests that are very difficult to get rid of. They reproduce fast and tend to avoid detection. A single female flea can produce up to twenty thousand eggs at a time. Now that must have been a real eye opener.Fleas are difficult to face and even more difficult to remove. But there are still many things you can do to save your pet from the infestation of fleas upon it. Here are a few natural cures for fleas.

Effective Natural Cure For Fleas 

Keep Your House Clean

Keep Your House Clean

If the flea infestation has spread to0 your house, keeping your house spotlessly cleans is imperative. You can try using this simple mixture for making sure that the fleas don’t return. Mix together 1 1/2 pounds of diatomaceous earth, 1 1/2 pounds of natural borax and 1 cup of salt. Now sprinkle this mixture onto your carpet and every nook and cranny of your house.Borax and salt absorb the moisture from the flea’s body and makes the area more unpleasant for it. Diatomaceous earth, punctures the exoskeleton of the flea, thus killing it. However be sure to clean up the mixture after a few days because it kills the fleas but breathing it in regularly can cause you and your pet a lot of harm too!

Keep Your Pet Clean

Keep Your Pets Clean

Bathing your flea infested pet is the first step in getting rid of its flea. Start with giving your pet a bath in warm water. Wash it thoroughly and make sure that the fleas don’t jump to the head and escape your reach. You will know whether or not your bath is effective by looking at the bath water. Most of the flea gets washed out and is seen as black spots in the water.You may try using a herbal shampoo that contains eucalyptus, juniper, pine, lavender etc. After you have bathed your pet use a flea comb on its body. If your pet is a dog and wears a leash you may pour eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil on its collar. Do not under any circumstances use essential oils on cats. It would affect them adversely and aggravate your problem rather than solving it.

Change Your Pets Diet

Change Your Pets Diet

You can try administering black walnut hulls, which are available at every health food store, to your pet. If you have a flea infested dog, add more garlic or sulphur to its diet. Both these substances help reduce the flea.

Make A Citrus Spray

Citrus Spray

Citrus acid is very harmful for fleas. So you may try out boiling lemon slices in water and then using it upon your pet. Dampen its coat with this mixture at least once a month. However make sure that your pet isn’t allergic or this method isn’t causing any sort of digestive problems.

Use Natural Substances Like Yeast or Pennyroyal

Rub Some Yeast

Yeast is supposed to kill fleas. So rub some yeast on your pet’s skin or add it to its food. You may also plant the pennyroyal plant as its aroma reduces the amount of fleas present. You may even use its oil. However make sure that your pet doesn’t eat the plant or your children don’t come too near it.