Natural Cures For Asthma In Children

asthma in children Asthma is a chronic illness that complicates a child’s breathing. It has been seen that the rate of young children and infants suffering from asthma problems has gone up. It has been observed that asthma can occur at any stage. Asthma in each child may vary accordingly in some cases they may suffer from chronic asthma and in some mild.

There are various common symptoms which is observed in a child or infant suffering asthma which includes wheezing, chronic cough, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, and feelings of weakness or tiredness. Parents would prefer to go for natural treatment of their children preferably in this case rather than opting for asthma drugs prescribed by doctors.

Natural protocol helps the child to build a better immune system. Inhaled steroids at early age may not preferred by a lot of parents as it causes a lot of side effects in later stage. Natural treatment gives a quick relief and long term control on asthma related health issues and its symptoms and a lot of children undergo this treatment.

Natural Ways To cure asthma

Physical Exercises

It has been advised by lot of health practitioners that physical kind of exercises helps in reducing asthmatic conditions. Swimming and sports activities such golf, tennis allows a child to regain control in her breathing.


Parents can also look for pranayama techniques for their children suffering from asthma where the relaxing breathe is considered to be an important asana which helps in restoring breathe related problems among the children.

Effects Of Pau d’arco

Pau d’arco is also known as taheebo which is an evergreen tree whose leaves are considered important in treatment of asthmatic children. Pau d’arco contains high level of vitamins and minerals and helps in healing any kind of infections produced within the body. We can mix Pau d’arco leaves in tea and ask the child to consume it .It should be consumed on daily basis. It helps the child to get relief from respiratory problems and reduces inflammation.

Cinnamon And Honey Effectiveness

With time it has always been seen honey is considered to be effective in curing diseases. Honey and cinnamon are very effective and free from all kind of side effects. Honey and cinnamon mints when mixed together and consumed eliminate the cause of asthma attacks.

Honey & Cinnamon

We can take one tea spoon of honey and mix it with half tea spoon of cinnamon powder. It gives quick relief in the respiratory passage and one the effective method in treating asthma problems for children and adults.

Kiwi And Cinnamon Blends

Kiwi is very much beneficial for children. Kiwis help to fight against wheezing, shortness of breath, runny nose, and cough most common symptoms associated with asthmatic children. We can blend kiwi with cinnamon which is immune boosting helps in reducing respiratory problems associated with lungs. We can blend 5 kiwis’ cuts with 3 teaspoon of cinnamon and eat it every day. It helps in opening of breathe and removes congestion from the lungs.

Benefits Of Caffeine

Caffeine is considered to be one of good remedy to reduce asthma attacks. If a child is suffering from an asthma attack we can give them some coffee to drink or give them soft drinks which contains caffeine in the soda. Coca cola also contains some amount of caffeine .

Stay Away from Caffeine

We can provide the child with two cans of coca cola .It helps in slowing down of asthma attack. It provides respiratory relief in the airways. Black coffee can also be offered to the child.

Hygiene Hypothesis

It is very important from a child point of view who is suffering from asthma should be kept in a clean environment. The child may allergic to any kind of dust. So we should keep our environment clean. The adults should try and avoid smoking as the child may feel the lungs get choked due to the smoke of the cigarettes.

The adults should avoid pets at home because the child may be allergic to any kind of animal skins. Children suffering from asthma should not be taken to any kind of place which is to cold as the child may suffer from breathing problems and the child should be kept in a room where there is use of air conditioner.

Natural Dietary Supplements

Fruits and vegetables are considered to be important in treating asthma. We should be giving fresh dietary supplements to children so that their body should provide them with healthy immune system to fight against any kind of disease.

Fiber Rich Diet

Nutritional fruits and vegetables like radish, onions, apple, Chicory, Dandelion, Kale helps in reducing the inflammation from the lungs.