7 Natural Cure To Back Acne

Back Acne

Pimples and acne don’t only occur on face but some acne breakouts in the back portion of the body. Acne is one term which is most common among today’s generation. Male, female teens are too much familiar with this problem due to increased hormonal level. A person suffering from back acne is known as “Bacne”. It is very common among males. Back acne is caused due to dead skin cells and oil clog leading to opening pore of a hair follicle.

Back acne can cause serious skin issues such as blemishes, lesions, scars and red rashes. Males as well females generally in such cases want themselves to be treated as soon as possible because they feel a little embarrassed in such situations and feel a little depressed.

With treatment also we can look for some natural remedies which can help in lightening of marks and scars and causes less of irritation. Generally home remedies works well on the bacne and lessens your itching and burning sensation and relief from pains.

Natural Ways To Cure Back Acne

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is the best remedy and the most prescribed one to treat any kind of acne be it facial or back. We just need to apply aloe Vera juice on the affected area twice or thrice daily.

Aloe Vera

Generally in this case we can pluck fresh aloe Vera from plant and apply its gel on the scars or affected areas. It really heals and lessens the redness on back acne or any kind of burning sensation.

Neem Remedy

Neem works superb on any kind of acne problem. It is highly treasured and ayurvedic medicine for skin related issues. Neem leaves, bark, fruits, seeds oil contains medicinal qualities. We can use neem oil on the back acne prone areas because it reduces the acne causing bacteria.

Neem Leaves

The leaves of neem tree also are used to apply on the affected areas so reduce inflammation and redness. Neem lotion also helps to reduce dead skins from back acne.

Pastes Of Cucumber And Orange

Cucumber and orange peels helps best in treating acne. We can take orange peel and dry it under sun and make powder form can be applied with water and apply it on the back portion affected with acne. It alleviates itching problem.

Cucumber Paste

Cucumber gives a cooling and smoothening affect when applied on back acne. We can make cucumber pastes and add a teaspoon of yogurt in it. It is one of the best treatment in reducing back acne.

Mixture Of Honey And Lemon

Another natural cure remedy for back acne treatment is mixture of honey and lemon. Honey is treated as an antiseptic on any kind of skin diseases and skin treatment. We can rinse honey with warm and then will cold water.

Honey And Lemon

We can mix honey with powered lemon peel and apply it around back acne affected areas .We can keep it for an hour and then wash it away. It reduces back acne and lightens the rashes.

Body Cleanser

Generally people who get back acne should be treating his acne by cleaning his body time to time. We can use ice to clean the acne as it lightens the rashes and can also reduce the itchiness.

Body Cleanser

During back acne we should keep clean cotton to apply any kind of medicated lotion .We can wash our whole body with medicated body wash and should try and avoid any kind of oil or lotion which contains oil.

Benefits Of Sandalwood Ingredients

Sandalwood powder gives excellent result in treating back acne. We can mix sandalwood pulp with different ingredients like tomato, lemon juice, cucumber pulp and make a paste out of it. This really helps in reducing back acne as people know sandalwood fragrances can cure back acne within few days.

Sandalwood Paste

We can also add sandalwood pulp with rose water and can apply it on the affected area for an hour. Results would be shown within a week as both are treated as curing agent of acne problems.

Dietary Control And Increasing The Intake Of Drinking Water

People who suffers from any kind of acne whether from back or face should try and avoid oily food. A healthy and balanced diet is required to control any kind of acne. Any kind of rich oily food can cause cascade which further affects on our hormonal system leading to acne at the back portion of our skin.

Drinking Water

Omega 3 fatty acids can increase the supplements of inflammation and further causes rashes and pimple around our back. A person prone to back acne is generally advised to increase the level of intake of drinking water from 8-10 glasses as it purifies blood immune system .