7 Natural Cures For Gastroparesis

  • CJ

    As much as I would love to ‘cure’ my Gastroparesis naturally there is no such options. The ‘seven natural cures for gastroparesis’ are valid suggestions for some relief but in no way a cure. I have been battling this disease for quite some time and now am 100% dependent on a feeding tube inserted in my lower intestines and have a tube inserted in my stomach used for venting, some medication and to assist with trying to stay hydrated during the long hard flare ups where nothing stays in. I have seen too many emergency rooms, hospitals, doctors, radiologists (they are in deed ‘my friends’ as they are the ones who need to consistently change out my tubes), nurses, techs, so called specialists and a few quacks along the path of my journey. I have been poked, probed and injected more than one could possibly image. I have lost so much because of this disease that no one, and I mean NO ONE has a cure for naturally or otherwise. When articles like this are posted out into cyberspace it gives false hope to those of us who are seeking a cure, or even for a little better quality of life where we are not housebound or more accurately, toilet-bound . As stated before, the ‘7 natural cures’ are possible remedies for some relief to this painful and very much misunderstood disease but certainly not a cure. And yes, I have tried the ‘7 natural cures’ and am still bound to my toilet almost daily.

  • Monica Engeler

    I agree with CJ I have Gastro paresis now for two and a half years, and nothing helps it. I am not on feeding tubes yet, but will be soon. There is no real cure for it so don’t be fooled by these remedies. They may help a little but not cure it in the end.