7 Natural Cures For Gastroparesis



Gastro paresis is most convectional among people. Gastro paresis means weak stomach. Gastro paresis is delayed gastric emptying where stomach takes too long in emptying its contents into small intestine. This happens due to damage of vagus nerve. Gastro paresis is common among diabetic people.

Most generic symbols of this kind of problem are vomiting, nausea, abdominal bloating, poor appetite, weight loss, chronic diarrhea and poor control of sugar level. People should be aware of gastro paresis diagnosis because often it leads to lot of complications such as bezoars where it obstructs the passing of food into small intestine or if food stays in stomach for too long causing ferment leading to growth of bacteria. With precautions we should avoid such circumstances.

Gastro paresis treatment depends on the severity of the person’s suffering. A lot of people treat them through different types of drugs, injections and in severe cases surgery which is very rare. But natural remedies really help in tackling gastro paresis issues and these remedies have reduced gastro problems to a great extent.

Natural Ways To Cure Gastroparesis

Mixture Of Ginger Ale With Cranberry Juice

People who suffer from gastro paresis often suffer from nausea and vomiting tendencies. Ginger aids helps in proper digestion of food. Ginger ale is the best natural remedy for any kind of indigestion and works perfectly well on gastro paresis related health issues. It has a unique healing power to curb gastro paresis problems.

Cranberry Juice

We can also mix few portion of ginger ale in cranberry juice. Drinking such kind of mixtures reduces gastro paresis pain. The intake of such kind of mixtures should be 30 minutes prior to our meals to aid proper digestion.

Homeopathic Natural Treatment

Homeopathic Medicines are considered to be natural non toxic and safe for treating Gastro paresis problems. Certain common homeopathic medicines which help in controlling gastro paresis issues are Phosphorus, Lycopodium, Nux Vomica, Silicea.

Homeopathic Natural Treatment

These medicines indicated helps in reducing effects of nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, easy satiety, bloating etc that are caused due to gastro paresis. These medicines are highly diluted and rigorously without any harmful side effects. A lot of people prefer to treat themselves from homeopathic remedies particularly for dealing with Gastro paresis related problems.

Basic Dietary Regulations

A person suffering from gastro paresis should avoid high content of fatty foods and rich oil contents. High fiber contents forms bezoars causing gastro paresis health issues like vomiting or diarrhea. Berries, apples, Brussels sprouts, oranges, coconuts, corn, figs, green beans, legumes, potato peels are few avoidable food contents which are rich in high fiber content and causes gastro paresis problem.

Basic Dietary Regulations

A person suffering from gastro paresis should try and increase their intake of meals from 3 to 6 times but reduce the quantity of intake of their meals. People suffering from such problems should be careful on their intake of low fiber content and nutritional supplements.

Herbal Treatment

Plants and herbs really work well for treating gastro paresis. Herbal therapy helps to ease out the problems. Few herbs help in stimulating gastro paresis problems and reduce the pain of the stomach caused due to it. Aloe Vera juices works on the pain occurring due to gastro paresis and problems related to it.

Aloe Vera Juice

Triphala acts as a natural laxative and helps in internal cleaning and reduces the problems to constipation. We can take a table spoon of triphala which comes in powdered form and consume it with water once daily. A lot of gastro paresis patients do consume well known triphala powder.


Acupuncture helps significantly in treating problems related to gastro paresis. Acupunctural points helps in improving the health of both diabetic and non diabetic patients who suffers from gastro paresis problems.


It should be treated under medically prescribed health practioners. It is without any side effects till date. Gastro paresis symptoms are relieved by electro acupuncture most common among diabetic suffers.


Although while dealing with gastro paresis issues might look a silly option but trick of yoga, and other stomach exercises have worked in reducing stomach related problems.


Walk is also beneficial with stomach related issues and also healthy for diabetic gastro paresis suffers.


A lot of people who suffers from gastro paresis stomach related problems really need to take rest. Rest may not include bed rest but yes rest does include a proper sleep. Sleep also helps to flare up and person should not be taking stress.


A stress free environment helps in curing any kind problem more easily. A positive attitude is the best remedy to heal any kind of health related issues.


  • CJ

    As much as I would love to ‘cure’ my Gastroparesis naturally there is no such options. The ‘seven natural cures for gastroparesis’ are valid suggestions for some relief but in no way a cure. I have been battling this disease for quite some time and now am 100% dependent on a feeding tube inserted in my lower intestines and have a tube inserted in my stomach used for venting, some medication and to assist with trying to stay hydrated during the long hard flare ups where nothing stays in. I have seen too many emergency rooms, hospitals, doctors, radiologists (they are in deed ‘my friends’ as they are the ones who need to consistently change out my tubes), nurses, techs, so called specialists and a few quacks along the path of my journey. I have been poked, probed and injected more than one could possibly image. I have lost so much because of this disease that no one, and I mean NO ONE has a cure for naturally or otherwise. When articles like this are posted out into cyberspace it gives false hope to those of us who are seeking a cure, or even for a little better quality of life where we are not housebound or more accurately, toilet-bound . As stated before, the ‘7 natural cures’ are possible remedies for some relief to this painful and very much misunderstood disease but certainly not a cure. And yes, I have tried the ‘7 natural cures’ and am still bound to my toilet almost daily.

  • Monica Engeler

    I agree with CJ I have Gastro paresis now for two and a half years, and nothing helps it. I am not on feeding tubes yet, but will be soon. There is no real cure for it so don’t be fooled by these remedies. They may help a little but not cure it in the end.