5 Natural Cures For Hyperthyroidism


A lot of people may be aware of hyperthyroidism which means increase in thyroid production. A person suffering from such a disease may feel hot or may lose weight even after intake of more food content as the body due to increase in metabolic activity. A lot of people prefer drugs to cure themselves but it has severe side effects like liver damage, abdominal pain.

Surgery is also an option but it can damage your nerves that control your vocal cords or parathyroid glands. Exercises, Yoga, Meditations and herbal as well as home made products are the best procedure in curing of hyperthyroidism naturally.

Natural Ways To Cure Hyperthyroidism

Benefits Of Yoga And Exercises

We can control hyperthyroidism by working on yoga asana, pranayama, exercises. These really helps in maintaining a balanced life cycle in your everyday routine and also helps in fighting against your procurement.


Asana and pranayama helps in controlling the metabolic activities of your body and helps in amelioration of hyperthyroidism to a great extent. Exercising controls our cardiovascular system and functions even better. Morning walk is considered beneficial in such cases.

Dietary Intake

A person suffering from hyperthyroidism needs to work on supplementing dietary charts. Calcium and proteins plays a vital role in producing anti inflammatory diet. Coconut, berries, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, rosemary, & oregano should be included in your daily supplements.

Dietary Intake

Certain vegetables like cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and kale should be included in daily diet course. Vitamin D plays a vital role in reducing hyperthyroidism. A person suffering from this should include 600 international units of vitamin D.

Herbal Therapy

Herbal plants help in reducing hyperthyroidism. Mixture of tea with herbal ingredients like lemon balm of two table spoon in hot boiling water can reduce the secretion of thyroid gland. Gypsywort herb can be mixed with a cup of normal water and the patient consuming it twice or thrice on daily basis can also reduce hyperthyroidism.

Gypsywort Herb

The bark of an oak tree and roots of male herm when mixed with vinegar of wine and rubbed against throat also helps in pain relief and swollenness. Bulgeweed balm really helps in controlling of overactive thyroid production. We can make tincture of out these seeds it helps in controlling TSH levels.

Control On Appetite

A person suffering from hyperthyroidism really needs to put a check on his eating habits. He should have full control on iodine intake as it increases inflammation among the thyroids.

Control On Appetite

The person suffering from such kind of diseases should avoid refined foods and put a check on his sugar intake as it causes stress in the endocrine system. We should try and avoid food products like soy beans, dairy products, caffeine etc. These measures would really help in restoring my health and there are no side effects.

Positive Attitude

For controlling hyperthyroidism we really need to have a positive attitude so that a person suffering from it can put a check on his emotions and reduce his stress level.

Positive Attitude

An inner self confidence and attitude really gives us strength to fight with all diseases. Approach makes a lot of difference.