7 Natural Cures For Joint Pain

Joint Pain

Is the joint pain holding us back from doing things we really need to do or not letting us enjoy the things once we really enjoyed or isolating us from our fun. In today’s time every third person is suffering from it. Be it any part of world the ratio of people suffering from joint pain has tremendously gone up with time. The actual source of pain in joints is due to transmission of physical and genetic qualities of parents to their offspring, accidents, weight losing tendency generally most common among women or aging.

A lot of people are too careless about their joint pains and use local medications for their temporal relief. For mediocre or swelling people generally use aspirin or naproxen. But these drugs only give relief from the pain on an immediate basis and are not a permanent solution for cure. These drugs can cause constipation problems. As a suggestion we should be looking for some natural remedies which could be beneficial. This guide below will help you out with the same: –

Natural Ways To Cure Joint Pain

Oil Massage And Daily Exercises

We can do a small olive oil message which could be very effective in strengthening of the joints. If massage with Camphor oil it reduces pain to certain extent. Arthcare oil also reduces pain and helps to strengthening of bone tissues and enhancing of muscles. Oil massage to a certain extent is very useful for reducing pains from the joints.

Daily Exercises

We can also mix few oils like when kerosene oil mixed with olive oil can really alleviate pain from affected areas. Yoga and exercises can also ease pain and helps in strengthening of muscles. Aquatic exercises can also help you help in reduction of pain from the joint. Gym or other training exercises also helps to reduce pain as are joints are in comprehensive integration of movement.

Pastes Of Greek Hayseed, Ginger And Tea

It’s a natural remedy to reduce joint pain. What we can do is make paste of hayseed, ginger and tea and then drink it with water. It helps to reduce tenderness, swelling and redness among the joints.

Pastes Of Greek Hayseed, Ginger And Tea

The mixture of three products is of vital importance helps in recovery of joint pains but these three products to a certain extent can reduce in blood thinning so before starting just get in touch health concerned people.


It’s a proper natural treatment or a home remedy product for the joint pains. Cayenne can really reduce joint pains and liniment. Cayenne helps to reproduce heat in your body called capsaicin and this really works as nerves giving pain relieving signals to your body from back to brain.


We can apply cayenne directly or mix it with different substances like coconut oil or ghee or butter or vinegar oil. Such kind of treatment helps in reduction of redness and swelling from the joint. A regular treatment with cayenne can really reduce pain for a longer period of time.

Use Of ACV With Honey

A lot of people must be aware of the uses of apple cider vinegar. It really helps to reduce weight of your body. But it can be used for as another platform for joint pain.

ACV With Honey

What we can do is mix 2 tablespoon of ACV with 2 tablespoon of honey and is asked to drink it early morning. It not only helps in curing pain but also gives mobility to your joint.

Hot And Cold Water Treatment

It’s the most common remedy among the people. Alternative hot and cold water treatment really helps in squeezing of your pain.

Hot Water

A lot of people use this remedy for natural cure and relief from the pain.

Importance Of Juices

People are well versed with importance of juices. But a very few know that juices can help in compressing of pain from joint. Carrot juice is really beneficial in squashing of joint pain as it works on the strengthening of ligaments.


Bathu juices also help in curing the pain. Drinking 15 grams of bathu juice early in the morning helps in procuring the pain.

Primary Qualities Of Flaxseed

Flaxseed is a healthy component and can be used in the natural treatment for joint pains. Flax seeds contain lot of nutrients and vitamin B and also rich in omega 3 fatty acids.


It really helps in fighting against the swelling and redness obtained in your body against joint pain. We can eat 2 tablespoon of flaxseed to get rid of pain. Flaxseed nutrition is also of great importance and could be included in our daily diet to reduce.