7 Natural Cures For Motion Sickness

Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is not that common problem among people. A lot of people may not be aware of its symptoms. Motion sickness can occur any age a two year child may suffer from it and a 70-75 yrs old lady can also suffer from this. A long journey most usually causes motion sickness. It generally occurs while traveling in plane, car, bus, boat or train.

Motion sickness major symptoms are feeling mild nausea, dizziness, fatigue, weakness, headache or vomit. Generally there is nothing to worry about these complications and it usually takes 3-4 days to recover from such kind of situations. Motion sicknesses are caused due to sluggish and lingering which causes disturbances in balance of organ usually in inner ear most commonly affected.

During such a time we should avoid meals .There are certain natural remedies we can look forward to during this period instead of taking drugs like Scopolamine, Granisetron, and promethazine which causes side effects in heart, liver kidney and sometimes urinating difficulties.

Natural Ways To Cure Motion Sickness

Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing would be my first suggestion to any reader who is suffering from motion sickness while travelling as it not only relax your mind and body but also helps in reducing mild nausea and dizziness. It is related to health benefits.

Evade Reading And Writing

Whenever we travel for long distances we are usually in a habit of reading or writing. Reading is very common among people during travelling. But people suffering from motion sickness should try and avoid reading as it keeps our concentration focus totally on reading and we cannot anticipate in the turns, bumps, acceleration and decelerations which further reacts on our ears.

Evade Reading

So while travelling we should put our total concentration on these bumps and turns as it makes are journey easier.

Effects Of Peppermints And Ginger

While travelling we should be chewing peppermint candies. It helps in reducing vomiting tendencies. Chewing of ginger candies or ginger cookies also alleviates nausea and vomiting tendencies.

Peppermints And Ginger

During long journeys we can carry hot ginger tea or peppermint tea with us and drinking them really refreshes us and gives us relaxation. Ginger ale reduces such tendencies.

Saltine Crackers

Very few people are aware about saltine crackers which really work well in reducing motion sickness. It contains soda and this really helps to reduce stomach acid. It helps in alleviating headache or fatigue to a great extent.

Saltine Crackers

It is nutritional health-wise also. It is fat free as too many people are calorie conscious. So people can carry saltine crackers with them in their travelling bag and should be feeding themselves with it at regular intervals.

Benefits Of Herbs

Different types of herbs really work well on different kind of sickness. Herbs like valerian helps in triggering motion sickness. Extracts of valerian helps in sedating the nervous system and it helps in sound sleeping during long journeys. Another herb is Chamomile. It reduces the discomfort caused due to motion sickness.


Inhaling the smell of Chamomile reduces nausea and emits vomiting tendencies. Marrubium Nigrum commonly known as black horehound treats nausea during motion sickness. We can put any one kind of above mentioned herbs in our travel bag to get rid of nausea or vomiting tendencies.

Posture Control

While travelling during long journeys too much head movement can cause motion sickness. During long journey try to avoid too much movement of your head. We should take rest on the headrest. It helps in relaxation and provide comfort from the inside irritation.

Posture Control

During such journey listen to light soft music can also benefit you from the mood swings. We should keep our head still and look for headrest especially while travelling in cars, buses or airplane. We can also lie down according to the space available and keep our head in still position.

Fresh Air

A person suffering from motion sickness should try and look for fresh air. A person travelling in car, bus, train and boat during long travels might sometimes feel suffocated. In such cases the person should open the windows of your car seats or bus seat. If we are travelling in a boat during long journey we can look for a place on the deck that provides us to look at a place which provides maximum horizon.

Fresh Air

Even in airplanes we should try and put the direction of the fan towards our face to avoid suffocation. Fresh air reduces nausea and vomiting. During an extended journey we should avoid spicy and oily food which causes digestive disturbances. Keep light, entangled, easy digestible choice of food to avoid motion sickness. A positive attitude can be maintained during such journeys.