7 Natural Cures For Tendonitis


Tendonitis is most common among people of middle age and older age. It occurs due to strain, overexertion, injury, repetitive movements, and sudden or unaccustomed movements. Tendonitis means inflammation of the tendon. Tendon usually leads to bad healing response and poor blood supply which damages your tissues.

Tendonitis can occur in various parts of the body including elbow, wrist, finger, or thigh. Tendonitis can also occur due to overusing a tendon or due to some kind of injury. People who suffer from tendonitis generally look for drug prescribed medicines or go for surgery.

Tendonitis is of different types such as Achilles tendinitis, Suprastinatus tendinitis, Tennis/golfer’s elbow and not all tendonitis require injections as it can cause rapture of tendon. Another solution is look out for home based solution which can cure the patients naturally. Natural remedies can give solution to relief in pain and reducing inflammation. People who play sports should look for these kinds of remedies to prevent themselves from tendon rapture.

Natural Ways To Cure Tendonitis

Routine Exercise And Oil Massage

Exercise is very good for keeping one self healthy. It helps to strengthen our muscles and in most cases the physical practitioners may suggest you certain exercises related to tendonitis to prevent recurrence of tendonitis. Stretching and cooling down exercises are most common in this to prevent reoccurring of tendonitis.

Routine Exercise

Massaging olive oil also reduces pain of feet elbow and wrist. Apart from using olive oil we can use mustard oil or other recommended oil to relieve pain from the affected areas. Oil gives a smoothing affect and it clears pain. We should not extend the massaging time for more than 20 minutes.

Application Of Ice Pack

Ice Pack

Ice usually helps in reducing inflammation to a great extent. It is the best remedy to reduce any kind of swelling and pain. What we can do wrap ice in a towel and then apply or look for some ice pack device. Try to avoid direct application of ice.


Rest is the best therapy for people who suffer from tendonitis because generally it reduces inflammation and alleviates pain to a great extent. Generally in such cases the patient may be required to put a bandage or splint to reduce her movement on the affected areas.


A complete rest is required so that no further complications is arrived. So people who generally suffer from any type of tendonitis should allow themselves for a complete rest without any movement for quick recovery.

Pastes Of Broccoli And Cabbage

Use of broccoli and cabbage leaves helps in reducing pain. We can soak cabbage leaves in water for say 30 minutes and then apply on the affected areas. We need a towel to wrap and leave it overnight.

Broccoli And Cabbage

It really helps to reduce pain from tendonitis especially if a person suffers from tennis elbow. We can make pastes of broccoli and apply it on the pain and wrap it with a towel and leave for 20 minutes. It curbs pain from tendonitis to a great extent.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne is a kind of pain reliever and reduces pain to a great extent. It is usually affective for people suffering from Achilles tendinitis where a person suffers from feet injury. What is required is we can take cotton balls and sprinkle cayenne on it and place the cotton on the affected area.

Cayenne Pepper

After keeping it for 30 minutes we can rinse it with cold water. The warm effect of cayenne pepper really helps in reducing pain over the affected area.

Application Of Herbal Therapies

Tropical herbal remedies help in treating tendonitis and is commonly used among people suffering from pains on legs feet and wrist due to tendonitis. There are different herbal supplements that heal tendon fibers and possess anti inflammatory properties.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds can be applied on the affected area to reduce pain. We can use cur cumin referred as turmeric herbs to apply on the affected areas. It contain pain killing effects and gives pain reliever. Boswellia is also another herb which can be applied on the affected area overnight to reduce pain from tendonitis.

Benefits Of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is most common treatment widely used among the people suffering from any kind of body pain. Acupuncture is last resort to treat medical complications and most successful in reducing pain. Acupuncture is most preventative medicine used among people to reduce pain.


We should always take our physicians advise before going for such treatment and the amount of doze require to receive such a treatment. Acupuncture promotes energy health and vitality to reduce pain.