7 Natural Remedies To Tightening A Vagina

  • I am using Wow myotaut and it’s really works awesome! I’ve had 2 kids vaginally, I feel insecure and I’m always too wet. This made me feel a lot tighter and I’m not really
    wet anymore 🙂 I’m definitely buying this product again 😉

    • tee

      Where did you buy it? I went to their site but it stops at PayPal error

  • Brianna Schwing

    I’m a young mom of two just had my
    2nd son 2 weeks ago I saw DermalMD Vaginal Tigtening Serum read great reviews it says
    it also for women who just gave birth have only been using it for a few
    days but it really makes a difference in the healing process, thank

  • all the remedies are good and easy to use at all without any kind side effects.

  • LeeBottieri

    Hi, A few weeks ago I was with a man who told me…”you have strong but loose”…I reply, what do you mean?…and he say…”the smell on your vagina is very strong and is very attractive to me”…and the viginal lips are some what loose. He asked me to correct that… I replied him like “Please give the solution for that”. He told about the MyoTaut serum. He told that very confident because he experienced with many womens using that serum. So I bought and started to use. I love that smell and its gave me quick result and I thank to him personally… u know what?????? 🙂 lol.

  • Denise Swain

    Recently I purchased Myotaut serum about a month ago, it is been great. I’m surprised that it really works. After giving birth I tried kegel workouts without much result, I was considering surgery. But this products by Myotaut is amazing because it is easy to apply, no pain or side effects, results are immediate, my husband notices a big difference. I also like the clean smell it gives me.