8 Natural Cures For Diabetes


Diabetes is a chronic disease and about 350 million people are still suffering from this disease. Diabetes has no cure. It means increase in the blood sugar level of the person suffering from it. It happens because insulin production is not adequate or because the body’s cells does not react properly to insulin produced, or both.

Diabetes can give rise to many complications in the body such as eye complications, foot complications ,skin complications, heart problems, hearing loss, nerve damage, stroke, infections, healing of wounds. Patients suffering from this kind of disease should be very careful in handling their life. Medicines and drugs like insulin cannot eradicate the disease but with help of natural ingredients we can cure the blood sugar disorder.

Natural diabetes cure has been looked down by many people to control their disease through dietary restrictions and exercises that have really helped many people in reducing its symptoms. But a person looking forward in implementing the natural treatment should get in touch with their natural physician.

Tips To Cure Diabetes Naturally


Exercises play a very important role for people suffering from this kind of disease. Exercises help in controlling sugar level decreases tension, aids in weight management, enhance work capacity, and can confer a sense of control.


Morning walk is very essential for a diabetic person.

Benefits Of Mango Leaves

Mango leaves are very tender and delicate. It is very effective and natural method to control high level of sugar glucose. We can soak say about 15-20 leaves of mango leaves in water and leave it overnight.

Mango Leaves

Then we can filter this water and give it to the patient empty stomach. We can also grind the leaves convert it into a powdered form and give it the patient with water or milk empty stomach on daily basis. It controls the sugar level of a patient.


For a diabetic patient diet plays a very important role. A diabetic patient can control his sugar levels mainly through dietary controls. They should be avoiding all kind of carbohydrates foods like potato, rice etc. The person should try and avoid sweets and caffeine and all kinds of soda.


They should avoid all types of high oily food and high fiber contains food. A diabetic patient should include wheat, brown rice, barley, corn, rye, oats, buckwheat, spelt, and millet in their diet. Only unrefined products should be their included. Food restrictions are very necessary for any diabetic patient in controlling their disease.

Karela Or Bitter Gourd

The intake of karela or bitter gourd is another good remedy for reducing sugar glucose. We can extract it juice and give it to the patient or make a dish out of it with tangy gravy to reduce its bitterness and give it to the patient.

Bitter Gourd

The charantin present in bitter gourd helps to reduce blood sugar levels and keeps a control.

Amla Juice

Amla juice is the most common remedy and the intake of amla juice or Indian gooseberry is very common among diabetic patients.

Amla Juice

We can grind the Alma seeds into fine paste and then extract the juice of it. This kind of juice should be give to patient 2-3 times daily. Alma is enriched with high vitamin C and controls sugar levels.

Effectiveness Of Methi Seeds Or Powder

Methi seeds is very good remedy in controlling diabetes. We can soak 1/4 of methi seeds in water over night and then filter the water and give it to the patient.

Methi Seeds

Methi could be grind into powdered form and taken with water twice daily. Such kind remedy is very effective in reducing the diabetic problems a patient suffers.


Jambul another common name being jamun which is mostly prescribed by all doctors helps in controlling the sugar levels. It is very effective for pancreas.


We can make powder of the dried seeds of jamun and give it to the patient twice daily with water. Jamun juices are very healthy and during season of jamun the patient should increase the intake of eating jamuns and its juices.

Fenugreek Leaves

These are the most recommended herbs in controlling of sugar levels among the diabetes. These leaves are very healthy and help and prevent the diabetic patient in controlling the symptoms of diabetes.

Fenugreek Leaves

We can soak these leaves in water overnight and then give it to the patient or we can grind these leaves into powder form and then consume it with water or milk. Fenugreek seeds are presented in all medical drugs of diabetes. The consumption of fenugreek seeds for months have shown the reduction of glucose level.