Palming Exercise For Eye Relaxation

Palming Exercise For Eye Relaxation

Palming Exercise For Eye Relaxation

One can relax the tired eyes by covering the closed eyes with palms of hands in such a way that it does not creates any pressure on the eye balls. This practice is usually referred to as palming.

Palming Exercise For Eye Relaxation

Palming is the best way to relieve the eyes of the strain and achieve relaxation. The perfect way to do it is: one must sit comfortably and close the eyes gently and cover them with palms without creating pressure on eyes for five to ten minutes.

Longer the people palm, greater is the relaxation attained from it. In summers one can put thin wet cold cotton pads on palms and then practice palming to avoid the perspiring palms or heat in the eyes.

Palming can be done at anytime of the day and those with bad eyesight must do it several times a day. It is helpful to imagine black colour while palming, than any other colour.

Palming Exercise For Eye Relaxation

This is so because when no light is entering the eyes during palming, one sees perfect black field before eyes, and when there is no light the retina of the eye does not do its function of receiving the images of objects, due to which one sees perfect black. Imagining black initiates this process.

One can also think of something pleasant like a flower, clouds, a boat floating in the river. It is always good to let the mind drift from one pleasant thought to other to maximize the relaxation affect on the eyes.

In order to measure the impact of palming of eyesight, it is always better to test the vision and keep the records for comparison at the later stage. It is beneficial to wash the hands after palming and one must remember to blink the eyes gently and frequently after palming.

When To Do Palming Exercise

Morning time is the best and practice palming four to five times in a day. Doing it before going to the bed leads to sound sleep. It also keeps the mind at rest and can help the school going children in following their lessons easily.

After palming practice on a view card or a scenery. Start to see the picture at first its near objects followed by the far off objects and accordingly set the mind and sight somewhere between near and far objects.

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Make no effort but glance in natural manner. Slowly and gradually the details of the picture will become sharply visible. After seeing the picture one can test the vision. One will find that the vision has improved.

If palming is not practiced in the right manner than it might not lead to the desired results of relaxation. Mental strain can be one of the consequences of imperfect palming.