5 Reasons Of Excessive Sweating

5 Reasons Of Excessive Sweating

5 Reasons Of Excessive Sweating

How do you feel when anyone gifts you a Deodarant? When you enter a party or any event you draw everybody’s attention only because of the perspiration. Your entire make up is washed away by sweat. Stinking word defines your presence.

No need to mention, a lady will feel bad. Whether it’s a special day or a regular day sweating spoils the day. Do men sweat more than women? Why do few women sweat more than others? The answer is yes for both the questions. Yes men sweat more than women in fact researchers say men sweat four times more per day. Both the sexes have same number of sweat glands but as they have physically more surface area, they sweat more than women.

Yes few women sweat more than others. According to Hratch Karamamoukian Md,Director of Center for excessive sweating there are two types of sweating. One is Eccrine sweat gland, which produces water sweat composed of water and salt. Another is Appocrine sweat gland which comparatively produces less sweat but responsible for odor producing sweat. Excessive sweating is called Hyperhidrosis.  Doctors say there’s no specific reasons for Hyperhidrosis but due to some reasons few women sweat more than others.  Sometimes it can be an alarm of a disease so one should never neglect it.

Here Are Some Reasons of Excessive Sweating:

Weather- High Mercury level And Humidity

When the mercury level starts raising our sweat glands start working and produces sweat to cool us. Even in Humid weather people sweat more and what can be said about people having hyperhidrosis. The air itself is full of water vapour. Everybody sweats in a hot and humid weather. No one can run away from the nature. In this weather light colored and cotton clothes are preferred which makes you feel cool.

humid weather

Mental State

What’s your mental status? Whether you are angry or tensed or depressed will make you sweat. Human’s emotion triggers the sweat glands.  Anxiety and stress raises the body temperature, which results in sweating. When we get embarrassed because of our sweating, it makes us more anxious which further raises the body temperature and ultimately leads to more sweating. These glands result sweating on the palms of your hand, on the sole of your feet and under arms too. So in order to either sweat less or to hide your anxiety keep you’re calm darling.


Alarm Of Disease

Apart of all the above mentioned reasons there can be another reason. Excessive sweating can be an alarm of diseases like Diabetes, Hyperthyroidism, Menopause, Stroke, and Heart Failure. Sometimes the medications used for blood pressure or the antibiotics also lead to excessive sweating. In a case like this immediately consult your doctor.



A hot cup of coffee is a must for the beginning of Morning. Caffeine stimulates sweat gland in two ways. Firstly a hot cup of coffee raises the temperature of body. Any food material which is hot raises the body temperature. Another reason is caffeine stimulates the central nervous system which stimulates the sweat gland.



During pregnancy as we all know our body undergoes lot of hormonal changes.  The hormonal changes confuse the hypothalamus which regulates the body temperature.  Women’s feel hotter than usual in this condition and they sweat more. Once this condition is over women’s don’t sweat excessively.


These are few reasons why some of us sweat more than others. Excessive sweating is not harmful but sometimes it might be. When we sweat there is loss of salt and water from our body. It’s recommended to drink more water. My Granny used to say if you sweat more, then add 1 tsp of salt and 1tbsp of sugar in a glass of water, mix it well and have it. This will balance
the loss of salt and water during summers in your body. This remedy will not work every time my friends so don’t forget to consult your doctor. Don’t neglect your health after all “Health is Wealth.”