6 Reasons Why Women Should Walk During Pregnancy

6 Reasons Why Women Should Walk During Pregnancy

6 Reasons Why Women Should Walk During Pregnancy

Walking during pregnancy comes with an array of benefits. Pregnant women tend to suffer from various kinds of minor health problems during this tenure. This is the reason at least 30-40 minutes of walking a day is suggested because the benefits of this exercise are just not restricted to during this period, but also extend beyond.

Here Is How Pregnant Women Can Gain From Walking-

Maintain Weight

One of the most vital and important factors to do walking during pregnancy is to manage weight gain. Sure you are supposed to gain weight, but not at a crazy pace. Most doctors recommend a weight gain of about 1-2 kgs, depending on the BMI of the mother. This balanced weight gain helps in easier weight loss, post pregnancy.


It Is Safe

Nothing beats the safety of walking during pregnancy. It has been suggested as one of the most safest exercises to perform during this time along with swimming. It doesn’t lead to any kind of side effects and can be done any where and any time. Of course, you should only walk till you are comfortable doing it.


Prevents Pain And Swelling

Edema or water retention is a problem that most women experience during pregnancy. It leads to swelling in the feet and this can cause a lot of discomfort. Regular walking helps in controlling the same. It also counteracts problem like back pain due to pressure on the uterus and a growing tummy.


Reduced Risk Of Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes or diabetes during pregnancy is another health problem that women experience often. Regular walking helps in not only curbing but treating this problem to a great extent. Studies show that pregnant women who walked on regular basis, were less prone to gestational diabetes.


Increases Chances Of Natural Birth

And most importantly it tones up the hip muscles and improves overall body strength, which helps to increase chances of normal birth. It also helps in giving you strength to have a natural birth. Post the birth, these toned muscles also help you get back in shape without trying too hard.

Natural Birth

Stress Buster

Also, walking during pregnancy is a great way to get rid of stress and hormonal ups and downs. With walking, happy hormones or endorphins are produced, which help you feel good.