Relief Of Menstrual Cramps With Massage

Massage Therapy For Menstrual Cramps

Massage Therapy For Menstrual CrampsThough there is no way that you can stop menstruation, there are ways by which the discomforts associated with menstrual cycle can be repulsed. Menstrual cramps are very common among women and most women find that cramps can get so severe that they cannot even do normal day to day activities without the intake of pain medication.

Several natural methods are very effective in treating cramps. However, massage therapy is known to be one of the best ways by which cramps can be kept under control or stopped completely as well in some cases. Massage can be done on your own as well with a bit of practice and expert advice. Here are some fine moves which you can master if you are faced with severe menstrual cramps every month.

Massage Therapy For Menstrual Cramps

First, find a place where you can get peace and relaxation and prepare your body for the massage procedure. Allow your mind and body to relax completely before you start the massage. You may use essential oils like lavender oil, ginger oil or garlic oil as well to enhance the effect of massage.

After smearing the essential oil of your choice on your palms, you can place your palms on the abdominal region. Take a few deep breaths to relax your body and mind before starting the actual massage process.

Slowly, move your palm over your belly button. This can be done in small circular movements over the belly button in a direction that is clockwise. Keep moving in circles and apply some pressure as well for about a minute. The area around the belly button has sensitive spots where when adequate pressure is applied, the cramps will be relieved, according to the principles of acupressure.

Massage Therapy For Menstrual Cramps

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As you move in small circles, start increasing the circumference of the area you massage, slowly till you reach a wide circle which covers the entire abdominal region. Massage for a few minutes to relieve the cramps.

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Now, you can place your palms on both the sides of the belly button with your thumb close to the fingers and touching them. Using the index fingers of both your hands, draw a heart by first curving around the belly button and stopping at the belly button and then moving back to the original position. Continue this heart shaped massage for one minute.

Place your hands at the back, just below the ribs. Apply some pressure and move down to the top of your hips. From the centre of your back, massage in circular motions and move outwards towards the outer corners of your hip. Slide your hand up and repeat this massage thrice

Move the position of your palm to the centre of your back. Your fingers will be turned in a downward position here. Keep sliding your fingers down until they are placed in the centre of the tailbone. Now, you can massage this area in small, circular motions with firm and steady pressure. Continue for about a minute to relieve the menstrual cramps.

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