Sign & Symptoms For PMS PMS is also called as pre-menstrual syndrome in the medical jargon. It is estimated that nearly 80% of women suffer from varying degrees of PMS just before the onset of their period. The symptoms occur due to the high degrees of oestrogen circulating in the body. The symptoms of PMS are very typical and studying them will help you understand what a woman experiences just before her period.

PMS Symptoms & Sign

Tender Breasts

Tender breasts are one of the classic symptoms of PMS. The breasts appear swollen and painful when touched. Most women actually feel that they have grown a size bigger just before the onset of their periods. The breast tenderness diminishes once the woman gets her period.

Pre-menstrual Cramps

Women start experiencing pre- menstrual cramps 7-10 days before their period. The cramps come as twinges and are mildly painful. The cramps increase in severity as the woman approaches her period. The first two days of the period are intensely painful for some women especially if the cramps increase in severity.


Bloating is one of the most annoying PMS symptoms. The bloating is experienced in the form of water retention and weight gain. Some women are known to gain anything from 2-3 kg just before their period. The good news is that bloating can be relieved through exercise and consumption of healthy foods.

Mood Swings

The pre-menstrual syndrome is often referred to as pre-menstrual dysmorphic disorder due to the uncomfortable mood swings a woman experiences. She may be highly touchy, agitated and irritated.

pms symptoms

Angry outbursts and violent mood swings are very commonly experienced. This may also be accompanied by general irritability. Bouts of crying and tearfulness are also very common.


As the circulating levels of estrogen in the body increase, a woman may start to experience pounding headaches. Some women are so overcome by them that they have to take forced breaks and vacations from work.

Loss of Libido

A dip in the sexual drive is very common among women who suffer from PMS. As the uterus gets ready to shed its lining, the combination of surging hormones and cramps makes sex less enjoyable to a woman. This of course subsides once the period starts. In fact many women report an increased sex drive at the start of their periods.

Body Ache

Along with cramps, scores of women suffer from severe body ache to the extent that they have to take bed rest during their periods. An unfortunate percentage of women continue to suffer from intense joint pain right till the end of their periods.

Changes in Appetite

An increase or decrease in appetite is very common during PMS. The woman may feel the need to binge or gorge on junk food, which can lead to sudden spikes in blood sugar levels exacerbating the problem of mood swings and irritability.

Despite the above symptoms, PMS is blessedly temporary. Once the period starts, the symptoms remarkably disappear. There is no sure shot cure for PMS. However, the symptoms can be curbed and alleviated through simple home remedies like exercise, eating healthy food, drinking water and taking OTC painkillers.

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