Symptoms, Cause, Risk Factors And Ways To Fight Syphilis In Women

Sex is one of the main physical activities that a human being most essentially needs. But sometimes too much sexual activity particularly unprotected sex can bring danger to a human being. There are several types of STDs or sexually transmitted diseases that cause severe problem to a human being, even can pose a threat to his or her life. Syphilis is such an STD. It was a major problem to a developed country once. Though the number of syphilis victims have decreased during 2000 than before still health experts say that it is showing a rising trend in very recent time. syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease that can lay dormant for a long time in a human being before resurfacing. The taking care of the disease is not complex one. All it needs is detection or diagnosis. If a pregnant woman has or contacts syphilis in her pregnancy then it can be very harmful for the baby.


The symptoms of this STD can be categorized in different stages or phases. In primary phase a person who contacts the disease can have sore like wound or ulcers in genital area or around the mouth. These sores usually do not cause any pain to a person and even go away after few weeks. In secondary stage or phase instead of sore a type of rash can occur in palm of hand or sole of foot. In some cases other symptoms like fever, decrease in weight, white patches inside mouth, soft but swollen lymph glands, wart like things in groin area etc also can occur in a man or woman. There is a tertiary stage or phase of this disease also. In this phase the disease attacks vital organs of the body. As a result symptoms or problems like memory loss or cloudiness of mind, paralysis, loss of hearing etc start to show up. But this happens if the disease is left unattended for a long time.



It is already mentioned that unprotected sex can cause this disease in a human being. A particular form of bacteria called Treponema pallidum enters a human body through opening like cut or bruise and creates the disease. The disease is highly contagious but is caused by direct body contact. It does not occur in a human body by using public toilet or by using things like utensils etc.


Risk Factors

The primary risk factor of syphilis involves unprotected sex. Not only unprotected sex or penetration but prolonged kissing, direct body contact with an infected person can make the bacteria to enter a non infected person too. In this regard not only man woman sex but same gender sex also can be risky for syphilis. But In case of a pregnant woman if syphilis occurs during pregnancy then it can directly attack the baby in the womb too.

Here Are Ways To Fight Syphilis In Women:

1. Seek Prompt Medical Help

In case of any STD particularly syphilis medical care is very necessary. But the symptoms of the disease are so common with other ailments and as these also can go away without medical care that a man or woman tends to ignore it. But if you have practiced unsafe sex or have multiple unknown partners then you should always remain cautious and check yourself with a doctor time to time. To determine syphilis normal blood tests are done. And if it is determined then simple antibiotic like penicillin can take care of the disease.

Seek Prompt Medical Help

2. Protection In Sex Is Necessary

As this disease takes place due to unprotected sex then protection during sex is very necessary. Also doing sex with a single known partner can make this kind of STD remain at a distance from you. A pregnant woman must keep this in mind for the sake of the health of the baby in the womb.

Protection In Sex Is Necessary