5 Tips To Gain Weight For Skinny Girls

Skinny Girls

Skinny Girls

Weight is a favourite topic for discussion among every one, men or women. Some people are conscious about being overweight, whereas others want to gain a little more weight. Young girls are often subjected to being skinny in their growing years. Most of them grow tall and skinny and their families want them to fill up by putting on weight.

Weight gain is not a big problem, but you have to be sure how to go about it. Eating rich food containing harmful fats or eating junk food can damage your health and metabolism. You should gain weight by eating sensibly and doing certain exercises which strengthen your digestive system and help to build your muscles and prevent fat from accumulating in the body.

Dietary Tips To Gain Weight For Skinny Girls

High protein diet

High protein diet helps to gain weight by increasing your muscle strength. You should eat proteins in form of milk, cheese, peanut butter, dates, lentils and legumes. Banana milk shake is a healthy option for weight gain. Drink one glass of banana shake in morning and one glass of mango shake (during mango season) in evening to gain weight.


Soak one fistful of barley at night. Next morning remove the husk and boil barley with milk to make Kheer. Add sugar or honey and eat it to gain weight. Fresh and dry dates (chuhara) help to build muscles and improve body strength. Boil 2 dry dates in one glass of milk to gain weight.



This mixture will fill up your body at the right places and will make you look healthy and beautiful. Almonds contains essential vitamins, iron, phosphorous and calcium. Almonds give strength and are recommended for underweight children and adults. Soak 12 almonds overnight, next morning remove the peel and grind them coarsely. Add 1 table spoon butter and mishri and eat it with hot milk.

Honey is an excellent health tonic. It strengthens the digestive system and helps to gain weight by increasing haemoglobin level. Skinny girls should take 1 table spoon honey in a glass of hot milk to gain weight.


Exercises To Gain Weight For Skinny Girls


Along with proper diet to gain weight, exercise should also be incorporated in your daily routine to make build muscles and to turn fat into muscles. Certain yoga asana and breathing exercises help to gain weight by cleansing your body of toxins and by improving your stamina and strengthening your internal organs.

Sarvanga Asana (shoulder stand), The Cat Pose, Bridge Pose and Shava asana help to gain weight for skinny girls. To begin with you should do these asanas under expert supervision. Anulom Vilom Pranayama (alternate breathing) should be practised daily. It cleanses the entire body system and stimulates blood circulation.

It increases the flow of energy and improves stamina. Exercising with weights also build muscles. Your will get a fuller look especially on upper arms and legs. Following the above mentioned tips will help skinny girls to gain weight without being bulky.

5 Tips To Gain Weight For Skinny Girls