Top 5 Health Benefits Of An Active Sexual Life

Having a good sexual life is good for your relationship; true, but did you know that being actively involved in regular sex is also good for your overall health. Instead of shying away from a good romp, you need to indulge-in all the more as it has benefits in manners you might never imagine:

1. Healthy Heart

Yes, there appears to actually be a relationship between the depths of your romantic relationship and your heart! It is believed that the more sex you have the better it is for the health of your heart. People who had sex at least twice a week suffered from a lowered risk of cardiovascular diseases. This is basically because you might benefit from the physical aspect of sex or the good relationship that often results from a good sexual bond with your partner.

Healthy Heart

2. Fitness Routine

A good romp in between sheets helps burn calories and a full-fledged orgasm is equivalent to burning around 150 calories! This of course directly depends upon how vigorous you are and how often you have sex. This is far better than sitting on your couch in front of the Television doing nothing, as a nice lovemaking session is sure to put every muscle in your body to action.

Fitness Routine

3. Natural Sleep Therapy

This goes out to all the women, as a nice elongated session of lovemaking is rewarded with one of the best good-night’s sleep. As women can enjoy multiple orgasms, it is all the more beneficial for them where a deep-sleep is sure to come around.

Natural Sleep Therapy

4. Releases Stress

A good sexual health is a great stress-buster as it helps lower the stress hormones considerably. Regular sex with your partner is also helpful in keeping your Blood-pressure in check after a stressful activity. Not just that, but a healthy sexual life also boosts the Immune system and reduces the risks due to illness.

Releases Stress

5. Anti-Aging Properties

Apart from a good Immune system and stress-buster properties, good sex also has anti-aging properties. The more number of orgasms you have, better it is at keeping your wrinkles at bay. This is mainly because sex releases a cocktail of hormones including the Human Growth Hormone that helps maintain your youth.

Anti-Aging Properties

Other than the above mentioned pointers, study has also proved that good sexual health leads to a long, healthy and happy life. It has also been observed that the benefits of sex are so high that it is also anti-carcinogenic in nature. It is however important to keep in mind that good sex is synonym to safe-sex. Be sure to practice good sexual ethics where it is advisable to keep a single sexual partner, preferably your spouse.