Top 6 Home Remedies For Bursitis


Bursitis affects bursa in our body and this gets painful. Home remedies for bursitis works great to cure it without medicines. This avoids chemical side effects too. Simple home remedies for this medical condition relies on a better lifestyle and stress free situation.

That cures bursitis to great extend. The worsen situations might essentially require medical attention. So, treat the chances of occurring and early symptoms. There are simple and easy steps to take care of bursitis at home. It might sound simple but is practical to solve issues with bursitis.

Top Home Remedies For Bursitis

Sesame Oil Is Good For You

The best home remedy for bursitis is to take ample rest. To get a faster relief from pain, it is advisable to locally apply sesame oil on the affected area. You may also try eucalyptus oil that has healing properties against bursitis.

Sesame Oil

Another option is tea tree oil which could be available in the market for you to use as a home remedy for bursitis.

Lavender Oil For Relief

Lavender oil added to bathing water would help a lot in preventing pain due to bursitis. This prevents spasms occurring due to this medical condition too.

Lavender Oil

To reduce the painful effects of bursitis, you may put a sufficiently tight bandage on the affected area. This home remedy is greatly useful to treat bursitis without any side effects.

Radish Root Treats Bursitis

Make use of easily available horse radish roots to get rid of troubles caused by bursitis. The radish you use for this purpose should be fresh to give complete results as intended.

Radish Root

Grate radish root and put it in a moistened clean porous bag. Now, apply this over the affected areas. This gives fast relief for the pain caused.

Sandalwood Paste Is Good For You

Applying sandalwood paste is known to provide relaxing effects for bursitis. This home remedy is simple and effective against the pain caused in the affected bursa region.

Sandalwood Paste

This external application procedure could be done by mixing sandalwood powder in water, to make it into a paste form.

Treat With Ice

Ice is a soothing and easy home remedy for many ailments like bursitis. It is advisable to put ice for around twenty minutes on the affected area.

Ice Pack

This could be anywhere in your body like knees, elbow, hips, etc. You have to give this ice treatment repeatedly at two hours interval. This controls swelling to a large extent.

Heat For Cure

Bursitis becomes painful with fluid deposition at the joints. Heat could help to remove this fluid part and get you relief. Without any medication this works great to cure bursitis if repeated at regular intervals following pain. In some people this works better than using ice. That is situational and couldn’t be generalized.

Heat For Cure

With these simple home remedies for bursitis one could steer away from its pain and symptoms. Take care of these facts to treat bursitis in a homely and satisfactory way. This has advantageously no harmful effects on you. The conclusion is that bursitis home treatment includes rest, ice, heat, exercise. These appear simple but effective.