Top 6 Home Remedies For Minor Burns

Minor Burns

When you are working at the kitchen, stirring up some dishes for lunch or dinner, there are always chances of some accidents to take place. In many occasions, you might get burns owing to the hot vessels and stove you are dealing with.

There are some instances when accidental burns occur. The surface burns are called minor burns which if left untreated would cause severe infections and skin problems.This might delay the healing process and also stop the incidents of scarring.

Find 6 home remedies for minor burns that are discussed in this article which would prevent the further complications involved in burns. These remedies are effective and proven for their healing and curing properties which help you to stay safe from the unfavorable minor burn conditions.

Best Home Remedies For Minor Burns

Yoghurt For The Burns

Yoghurt is highly popular for its soothing and cooling properties especially while dealing with minor burns. As soon as you get a burn, apply two table spoonfuls of yoghurt on the burnt skin directly and let it remain for about 15 minutes.


Then wash it off. Even if you have flavored yoghurt at home, you can use it as an immediate remedy for burns.

Honey For Soothing Effect

Honey is a proven home remedy right from the ancient times. Honey has sanitizing properties which helps to ease out the burns by eradicating the fluids present in the burns. Apply a few drops of honey on the burn and then cover with a bandage.


Try to use a gauze bandage as it is advisable for burn damage. You should change it several times a day to eradicate the burns. But remember that with each bandage change you need to reapply the honey application on the burns.

Tea Bags For Burns

Place tea bags under the tap water until it gets soaked well. Now collect the liquid from the tea bag in a bowl. Now sprinkle this tea water on the burns within short intervals.

Tea Bags

The tannic acid present in the tea leaves makes it an wonderful remedy and one amongst the best 6 home remedies for minor burns.

Milk For The Effect

Milk is loaded with soothing properties that are good for minor burns as it helps to ease the pain and burning sensation caused by the burns. Take a cotton ball and soak it in milk and apply on the burns.


You can also dip the wash cloth in milk and apply if the burn area is bigger. Repeat the same procedure after every 15 minutes. Also you can try soaking your hand in a bowl of milk, if you have a burn on your hand.

Vinegar For Relief

This is another effective home remedy for minor burns which aids in treating the burns effectively.


Add ¼ cup of vinegar and 2 cups of water and mix well. Apply this over the burn and let it remain as it is. Do not rinse it off.

Lavender Oil For The Burns

Lavender Oil

Rub lavender oil to soothe away the burns. It helps to eradicate the scarring of the burns. Rinse the oil after every application and repeat the procedure, as many times as possible.