Top 5 Natural Cure For Lice

Natural Remedies For Head Lice

Lice are insects which are parasites that live in the hair and attach themselves to the scalp of your head. The lice can be transferred from one person to another and have a tendency to lay eggs near the root of the hair touching the scalp. The eggs thrive by sucking the scalp blood.

This would also lead to hair loss and anemia. Itching and a creepy sensation in the head are associated with such conditions. You can treat them easily with natural cure for lice. Lice tend to infest the scalp of kids and hence these cures should be used to clear them off, as soon as possible.

Effective Natural Cure For Lice

1. Lice Treatment Using Mayonnaise

This is an effective natural cure for lice. Mayonnaise is usually found in all homes. Cover your whole head with mayonnaise and put a shower cap. This is to ensure that it does not drip or soil your clothes. Leave this for a few hours as the mayonnaise starts to remove all the lice in your head. The thick and creamy texture of the mayonnaise makes it difficult for the lice to breathe and kills them. Then wash your head with shampoo and rinse the last wash with vinegar. Repeat this every week for a month to say goodbye to lice.


2. Olive Oil Natural Cure

Soak your hair with lots of olive oil and cover with a shower cap. Similar to the above said remedy, the olive oil has a thick and gooey structure which suffocates the lice in your head. Leave it overnight and the next morning, comb your hair well. Rinse with shampoo after combing and repeat the same procedure, once a week.

Olive Oil

3. Soak Hair In Vinegar

To kill the lice in your hair, make your hair damp with vinegar and cover with a shower cap. Leave it to soak for about an hour and wash off with shampoo. Repeat this for 3 days to stay away from lice. The acidity property of vinegar would weaken the lice from the hair and would kill it.


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4. Garlic And Lemon Cure

Peel a garlic clove and grind it well. Add some fresh lemon juice to it and apply it on your hair and let it soak for 2 hours. Then shampoo your hair which would help to remove all the dead lice in the head. The odor of this solution will eradicate all the lice and would kill it. Follow the same procedure for about five nights to stay away from lice and to prevent it from recurring.

Garlic And Lemon

5. Juice Of Onions

Chop a few onions and run it well in blender. Take this onion extract and apply it on the scalp and let it soak for three hours. You can also put a shower cap over your head. Wash your hair with shampoo and then comb with fine toothed comb to get rid of lice and its eggs.

Juice Of Onions