Top 5 Natural Cure For Schizophrenia


Schizophrenia is a mental disorder where the affected person has a breakdown in the thought process. There are many natural cures for schizophrenia which helps in the effortless treatment of the disorder.

Many of them employ simple things that are found in our everyday lives. Natural cures for this disorder intend to reduce all the associated problems with the disorder. Here are some natural cures for schizophrenia :

Best Natural Cure For Schizophrenia

Basil Leaves Are Good For You

Basil has many therapeutic properties and is also a powerful antioxidant. The use of basil helps in reducing the symptoms which in turn help the affected people. Add basil and leaves of sage into boiling water and then consume it as a tea form.

Basil Leaves

One should consume this tea for at least two to three times a day daily for effective results. Sage contains soothing properties which help in putting the affected person at ease.

Amla Is Good For You

Amla is responsible for enhancing the functions of the brain by removing toxins from the body and improving the immune system. Grate two amlas and add it to a glass of water and steep it.


This mixture is to be consumed without straining. Another way of taking amla is by consuming one teaspoon of dried amla powder along with a glass of hot water every morning.

Cardamom Is Good For You

Cardamom has antioxidant and analgesic properties. They fuel the nervous system, relaxing the nerves and giving a soothing effect to the patient. Grind fresh cardamom. Take half a teaspoon of this and add it to a cup of water or milk and drink the mixture twice a day.


Another way of using cardamom is by preparing a tea using the seeds and adding sugar to taste. This is also supposed to be consumed twice a day every day.

Ghee And Almonds

Both ghee and almonds have immense healing properties. They are used as a part of various natural cures. Almonds are a source of vitamin E, zinc and magnesium which help in the development of the brain and improve its functioning. Ghee and honey work together in revitalizing the damaged cells and tissues of the brain.

Ghee And Almonds

Take a handful of almonds and soak them overnight in water. Blanch the soaked almonds and crush them into a paste. Add the paste to a pan which is heated with ghee in it. Roast the paste in the pan for about three minutes and add milk to it. The mixture is stirred until it becomes thick. Add sugar to this and consume this hot mixture every morning.

Tulsi Is Good For You

Tulsi is known to be an excellent antioxidant and removes all the harmful toxins from the brain and the body. Tulsi has great therapeutic powers and helps in developing the functioning of the brain proving to be a natural cure for schizophrenia.


Add about fifteen tulsi leaves to one cup of water and boil it for two minutes. Turn off the heat and cover the pan with its lid for five minutes. Add crystallized sugar lumps to the solution and consume it without straining the mixture. Drink this at least twice a day daily.