Top Natural Cures For Sleep Apnea

Sleep Pnea

Sleep Pnea Sleep apnea is a serious disorder which mostly affects people in their middle age. If you have sleep apnea, then you will actually stop breathing or engage in shallow breathing for a few seconds. In serious cases, this time period can be extended to a few minutes as well. This happens only when you are asleep.

Whenever you stop breathing due to this condition, then you are actually stopping the flow of oxygen to your body. During this condition, you are not able to breathe adequate oxygen through your mouth or nose. However, there are some natural remedies through which you can cure sleep apnea. The following are some natural cures for sleep apnea.

Top Natural Cure For Sleep Apnea

Avoid Alcohol And Nicotine

Apart from alcohol it is also better to avoid nicotine as well. These two substances disrupt the normal sleeping pattern. When you smoke or drink, then it relaxes your muscles. This might influence the brain and thereby lead to the blocking of the airways.

Avoid Alcohol And Nicotine

Drinking tea and coffee before bed time can also disrupt the normal sleeping pattern. If you suffer from sleep apnea, then it is better to avoid such temptations.

Lose some weight

This is the most effective natural cure for sleep apnea. You should first take a look at your current weight. You should then try to find out your ideal weight. Comparing both of them will let you know how much you have to reduce your weight. It is important for you to reduce your weight because the fatty cells will block the walls of the wind pipe thereby obstructing the flow of oxygen to the lungs.

Lose some weight

Once you get rid of excess weight, the airways will open thereby resuming normal breathing activity. You should note that even a slight reduction in weight will help you to overcome this condition.

Stop Using Muscle Relaxants

Breathing through the mouth is completely an incorrect method of breathing. This is because this condition leads to certain structural changes in your face. Stop making use of muscle relaxants since it might cause obstruction when it comes to relaxing and falling back into the airway.

Change Sleeping Position

You should try changing your sleeping position. If you have been sleeping on your back, then you should try sleeping on your side. Many people try to deal with this condition by sewing a tennis ball or any other hard object on their back.

Change Sleeping Position

This way even if you try sleeping on your back at night, you will automatically encounter the tennis ball and return to sleeping sideways.

Follow A Proper Sleeping Schedule

People who do not get plenty of restful sleep also suffer from sleep apnea. This is the most important condition that has to be followed if you want to cure sleep apnea. You should maintain a diary and note down the timings when you are sleeping at night. You should regularize it in such a way that you hit the bed at almost the same time every night. It would help you a lot with the problem.

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