Top 7 Natural Cure To Avoid Grey Hair

Grey Hair

Grey hair is associated with natural aging. Every individual has special cells made of pigment shaft at root of the hair. As aging progresses, these cells make less pigment as compared to young age. Black hair contains the most pigment but as our hair turns grey it means that these cells are unable to make much pigment in comparison to black. One can’t stop graying of hair but early graying of hair is something to worry about.

All hair doesn’t respond in the same way. Graying of hair may arise due to many reasons. Early graying of hair is due to genetics inherited from parents and grandparents. Stress, anxiety, malnutrition, shock, smoking and sorrow may cause early graying of hair. If people develop early graying hair they might look for a dermatologist. But not all people can afford such expensive medicines. We can also look for natural remedies that are well known to reverse graying hair problems. They are cheap and most easy available. With medicines also natural treatment is most preferred.

Natural Cures For Avoiding Grey Hair

Indian Gooseberry Treatment

Indian Gooseberry

One of the best remedies to cure hair pigmentation problem is use of Amla known as Indian gooseberry. We can extract juices from the Alma and mix it with a teaspoon of almond oil. Then we can boil the almond oil with Alma juice till it turns black.

Then apply this oil on the scalp every day. Within few weeks one will be able to see the effect of grey hair turning black. It helps in the speedy recovery of hair treatment.

Effect Of Curry Leaves

Curry Leaves

Curry leaves is very effective for preventing grey hair. One can prepare a curry leave paste and apply it on the scalp. We can dip few leaves in coconut oil and then allow it to boil. After boiling allow the oil to cool down. One can then apply this paste on the scalp. With its consistence use it reduces the problem of graying hair.

Massaging The Scalp

Massaging The Scalp

Another effective natural remedy for reserving grey hair is massaging with pure coconut oil. One can also massage with cow’s milk butter on the scalp and areas of grey hair. This remedy is very commonly practiced among people. Massaging helps to relief from stress and anxiety.

It provides complete relaxation. One should massage the root hairs properly at least 10-15 minutes twice or thrice. Leave it overnight. Massaging the hair with oils helps in reducing the problem of grey hair.

Application Of Rosemary And Sage

Rosemary And Sage

Rosemary and sage are commonly used in different lotions and shampoos for hair treatment. One can use this remedy at home for naturally curing grey hair problems. We can boil half cup of rosemary and half cup of sage for minimum 30 minutes. Then allow the ingredients to cool down for some time. Then directly apply it on the scalp. Leave the mixture for 2-3 hours minimum. Then rinse it with mild shampoo gently. Within regular use one can effectively see the problem of grey hair is gone. Sage helps to strengthen hair follicles.

Application Of Henna


Henna is most common among women. A lot of women apply henna for hair treatment and for resuming their shine. It is considered to be a good natural remedy for treatment of grey hair.

One can mix castor oil and lemon juice and add henna powder in it. We can apply this whole mixture on our hair and leave it till it dries. Then rinse it with cold water. Henna treatment is very common in parlors. Application of henna helps in turning grey hair black.

Onion Juice Remedy

Onion Juice

Another natural remedy for treating the grey hair problem is applying onion juice. For centuries man has been able to get rid of this problem through this application. Onion contains natural enzymes that neutralizes hydrogen peroxide and reverses grey hair.

One can directly rub raw onions or extract juices from onion on the scalp. This remedy should be practiced every day. It helps to curb grey hair concerns. To get rid of the smell one can apply apple vinegar and then shampoo it gently.

Natural Dietary Supplements

Natural Dietary Supplements

One should increase the intake of vitamins and minerals to cure the problem of graying hair. Wheat and barley grasses are excellent source of vitamin. One should increase the intake of organic fruits and vegetables. One should try and avoid processed food and coffee. Green tea and herbs like garlic should be consumed as it helps improving body vitamins. Carrots, banana and fish should also help in increasing iodine in the body. Proteins also help to fight grey hair.