Top 7 Natural Cures For Burnt Skin

Burnt Skin

Burnt injuries are very common among people. Burn is caused when the skin is exposed to heat, chemicals, fire, hot fluids and radiation. Burn can involve both inner and outer layers of skin leaving a path of destruction. Severe burns can cause deaths. Burns can arrange from mild to severity. We can classify burns into different categories. First degree of burns causes redness and pain. We don’t see blisters in this degree. In second degree of burns a person may suffer from pain, redness and blisters that may ooze. Third degree of burns appears pale, charred and leathery.

The nerves are destroyed. Third degrees of burns are most severe and take long time to heal. Burns can cause severe infections and need immediate medication. Burns can cause pain and anxiety during recovery. We can cure burnt skin with natural approaches until and unless the burns are severe. Natural remedies can heal burns up to second degree very easily. Natural treatments are cheap and easily available. Natural treatment can repair and heal the skin extensively.

Natural Cures For Burnt Skin

Banana Peels

A lot of people can apply banana peels on their burnt skin till it becomes black. It is very beneficial in curing burnt injuries on skin.

Banana Peels

We can rub banana on the burns directly it helps to reduce pain and swelling and soothe the skin. It acts as a natural pain reliever. The antioxidants lutien present in banana peel helps to prevent infections around the affected area.

Effects Of Honey

Honey is spectacularly effective over burnt skin. It is considered to be antiseptic and soothing in its effects. Honey helps to disinfect and heals wounds of burns. We can directly apply on honey on the burnt area. When honey is applied on burnt skin it helps to draw the fluids from the burnt area, effectively cleaning the wound.


We can also apply the honey to a gauze bandage, placing the dollop of honey and putting the bandage directly on the burn, honey-side down. One should be changing the gauze 3-4 times a day as it reduces pain and helps in quick healing.

Application of Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera is the best remedy for any kind of skin treatments. We can apply the gel of Aloe Vera leaf directly over the burnt skin.

Aloe Vera Gel

The gel soaks into the skin and gives a soothing relief. We can use aloe Vera gels on sunburns, thermal burns or any kind of inflammation occurred in the skin due to burns. Aloe Vera has painkilling, astringent healing tissues that can cure burnt skin.

Massage And Physical Therapy

If the burns are of high degree a physicians might suggest the victim for physical therapy. These exercises should be strictly practiced under physical experts. Physical therapists may use numerous techniques to improve the function of affected area and to reduce scar formation.

Physical Therapy

Exercises may include positioning, walking, splinting and other active exercises. This therapy may help in speedy recovery of a patient. Massage therapy should be performed if suggested by a doctor. It helps a patient to recover from pain, itching and anxiety.

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Application Of Essential Oils

Since thousands of years we are using essential oils to treat burns successfully. A lot of burns relief gels are made of essential oils. We can apply lavender essential oil on the burned area.

Lavender Oil

It helps to reduce the risk of scarring. Even if the burns is drying or cracking use of lavender essential oil will promote healing and reduce dryness. Application of lavender oil should be 4-5 times in a day over the burnt skin for healing.

Ayurvedic Benefits

Burnt on skin can leave temporary or permanent marks on skin. Ayurveda provides wide range of remedies to heal burns and its scars. Application of ayurvedic medicines helps to get rid of burnt on skin and its scars naturally.

Centella Asiatica

Centella asiatica, Echinacea angustifolia Comfrey ointments are common ayurvedic remedies that contains high healing properties and can be directly applied on the burnt skin. Ayurvedic remedies helps in reducing inflammation thus preventing the burn to penetrate deep into the skin and also prevents the skin from further infection.


A lot of people look for homeopathic treatments in case of burns. Homeopathic treatments have successfully been able to treat first and second degree of burns easily and more rapidly since ages. But these remedies should be applied as directed by homeopaths. Homeopaths help in determining the most appropriate remedies for treating burnt skin.

Arnica Montana

Most common homeopathy remedies for burns is Arnica Montana, Calendula, Urtica urens which helps to reduce pain and also stimulates regrowth of skin and decreases scars formation.