10 Amazing Benefits Of Walking Lunges For Women

10 Amazing Benefits Of Walking Lunges For Women

Walking lunges is an amazing exercise that women can do at home. You can actually do it in the park or outdoor space or anywhere. The thing is that lunges provide more health benefits to women than to men, because of the shape of women. Most women tend to be heavier on the bottom and thus need to get toned in the area. Walking lunges involves moving ahead as you are doing lunges, which is a break from usual standing lunges. Here are some health benefits of the same-

Cardiovascular Benefits

Unlike the regular forms of exercises, walking lunges involves the participant to move forward. Doing so helps you get the double benefit of toning your body, while getting cardiovascular benefits too. You can increase the speed of the lunge or slow it down to suit your pace and get some cardio advantage here.

Prevents Heart Diseases

Better Balance

With age, a lot of women also tend to lose their concentration towards exercise along with balance. When you are doing walking lunges, you emphasize or focus on leg movements and posture. This in turn improves your balance and helps you coordinate movements of the entire body.

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Weight Loss

With walking lunges, you are able to lose weight from the entire body and just not the lower body. Since the walking lunges helps you get both cardio and toning benefits at the same time, it is perfect for weight loss. Ideally you should do them for at least 10 minutes with breaks. Remember how you are told that spot correction is not possible, walking lunges are your answer here. Walking lunges are perfect for losing inches on the lower body.

Weight Loss

Healthier BMI

With walking lunges, you can improve your BMI or body mass index. Usually women tend to be obese or on the higher side of the BMI due to fat on the lower body. With walking lunges, you are able to balance BMI. They involve you moving forth in coordinated motion, which helps in losing fat on the lower body that aids in a healthier BMI.


Tone Up Symmetrically

You can get toned up symmetrically doing this one simple exercise. With lunges, you are working on the symmetrical muscles that are often ignored. Hence, you are able to target the inner core muscles that are ignored in many cardio exercises for a more toned outlook.

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Improved Body Posture

When you are doing this exercise, you not only suck in your stomach and keep the spine straight, but you are also maintaining good posture on the lower body. Doing so helps you improve functionality in the long run, which is substantial for women.

Warm Up

Complete Workout

For women who are always on the run, this is a complete workout that can be changed as per your needs. For instance, you can also keep raising your hands when doing walking lunges to work the upper body. Add a pair of dumbbells to them for toning up your entire body, including abs too.

Runners Stretch

Increase Hip Flexibility

One of the best exercises for improving flexibility of the hips is walking lunges. When doing so you are working on the lower and upper muscles of the hips, giving them added strength, boosting stamina and also boosting the flexibility of hips for more complex exercise forms.

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Improves Core Function Without Pressure On Spine

For women who are looking for an exercise that strengthens the power house of the body without pressure on the spine, this is a great exercise. It keeps core engaged, while working the lower body and not stressing the spine.

Spinal Problem

Reduces Arthritis Risks

And most importantly, women who are doing walking lunges on a regular basis can fight arthritis too because your knees get more strength and stamina. It also reduces pressure on the area while aiding weight loss, which helps to fight signs of arthritis.