10 Benefits And Risks Of Consuming Mangoes during Pregnancy

10 Benefits And Risks Of Consuming Mangoes during Pregnancy

Mango is the most delicious fruit found on the earth. Mangoes are rich in vitamin A, vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. Mangoes are good source of potassium, iron and folic acid along with other vital nutrients which are required for the maintenance of a healthy pregnancy. This fruit is rich in fiber and loaded with antioxidants. Hence, we can conclude that mango is a good source of energy. Many pregnant women are in a dilemma to consume mangoes. They are unaware of various health benefits offered by mango.

Here We Are Giving You The Top Most Reasons For Consuming Mango During Pregnancy:

High In Calories

Mangoes are high in calories. Woman who is in third trimester of pregnancy can consume mangoes to meet the nutritional demands of their baby. Mangoes are loaded with essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals. When you consume mangoes, your body is supplied with enough amounts of calories. Mango is the good choice of snack. But, moderate consumption is good for your health.


Satisfies Your Cravings For Sweet

Mangoes are loaded with high sugar. It is a juicy fruit with pleasant taste. It contains more amount of sugar when compared to other fruits. Mangoes can be taken as an alternative to pastries and cakes. It is good for those who are craving for sugar during the time of pregnancy as mangoes contain natural sweetener.

Mango Sap

Good For The Unborn Baby’s Development

As mangoes are rich in essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals, it meets the needs of the unborn baby and pregnant woman. It supplies the unborn baby with all the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins. It meets the nutritional needs of the baby.


Good For Digestion

Problems related to digestive system are more common in pregnant woman. They often complain about constipation and digestive disorders. Mango is rich in fiber. Hence, it is very effective in maintaining the proper functioning of the digestive system. Thus, mango eases constipation in pregnant woman.


Helps In Balancing Body Fluids And Electrolytes

Mango is rich in potassium. Potassium is highly effective in balancing fluids and electrolytes in the body. Too much fluid adversely affects the health of pregnant woman. It results in swelling of legs which makes them feel difficulty while walking. Mango saves the pregnant woman from this problem. Blood volume of pregnant woman tends to expand up to fifty percent. During this phase, you need more electrolytes. Whenever you suffer from leg cramps, you need to observe your intake of potassium. Mango is good source of potassium and helps in balancing the fluids of your body.

leg cramps

 Fights Free Radicals

Mango is a good source of Vitamin C and also acts as an antioxidant agent. These properties help you from the risk of developing cancer. Therapeutic properties in mango help in fighting against the attack of free radicals. Free radicals are very dangerous for the growth and development of fetus. Hence, your body is in need of antioxidants to fight against them. Mango is great source of antioxidants. Hence, consumption of mango saves pregnant woman against the attack of free radicals.


Improves Visual Function

Mangoes are good source of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is required for the maintenance of eye health. Pregnancy is often associated with blurred vision. You can prevent this problem by moderate consumption of mangoes. Similarly, mangoes are very good for the development of eyesight of your fetus.

Vision Problems

Shocking Side Effects Of Consuming Mango During Pregnancy:

Mangoes are good source of energy and delicious fruit in the planet. It offers countless health benefits to pregnant woman. However, pregnant woman must be cautious before consuming this tasty and juicy fruit. Here, we are sharing with you the various side effects of consuming mangoes.


Excessive consumption of mangoes during pregnancy may lead to diarrhea. As a result, you are prone to suffer from dehydration. Dehydration is a serious problem during pregnancy. A pregnant woman has to be very careful in diet. Excess of having anything will have adverse affects on the health of pregnant woman.


May Develop Gestational Diabetes

Mango contains high sugar levels. Intake of mango should be limited in order to prevent the risk of developing gestational diabetes. Pregnant woman are at a higher risk of being effected by diabetes. If a woman who is not diabetic before pregnancy develops diabetes during pregnancy is said to be affected by gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is common among many pregnant women. However, you can limit the chances of developing this problem by avoiding certain foods and fruits.
Other problems

Stomach pain

Mangoes which are artificially ripened out may cause various impacts on your health. Pregnancy is a phase which is very sensitive. It has to be handled carefully in order to avoid any untoward incidents. Consumption of artificially-ripened mangoes during pregnancy may lead to various health problems such as dizziness, confusion, drowsiness, mood swings, mouth ulcer, and tingling sensation on your hands and so on. Above said are the various pros and cons of consuming mangoes during pregnancy. Hope this article is informative and helpful.