10 Benefits Of Turmeric For Menopause And Post Menopause Condition

Benefits Of Turmeric For Menopause And Post Menopause Condition

Turmeric is an amazing herb which is filled with natural herbal healing properties which would simply get you fit and healthier. Menopause and post menopause conditions are faced by women where they end their ability to reproduce. This phase comes with lots of bodily changes along with psychological changes! From ate 40’s women get into menopause as per their body and various conditions. Women sometimes feel inactive and due to hormonal changes, conditions like frequent urination, inflammation, itching in the genitals occur. Also the menopause can result into anxiety, depression, stress, heart related disease, blood pressure issues and much more! In this case, the turmeric and its herbal power makes it one of the most promising and magical ingredient which can work wonders on all the above given issues.

Here Are Some Of The Most Coolest And Beneficial Ways To Incorporate Turmeric In Your Menopause And Post Menopause Period!

1. Turmeric For Healing Estrogen Deficiency

Estrogen deficiency is one of the conditions which occur during and post menopause. With this deficiency, women face a lot of issues like joint pain, heart disease, dry vagina, inflammation and itching, bone issues and many such issues. One and the only dazzling remedy for these issues is turmeric. Turmeric is a natural supplement of estrogen and would help balance the estrogen levels in your body!

Turmeric For Healing Estrogen Deficiency

2. Turmeric Oil For Muscles And Joint Pain

During menopause, joint aches, muscle pain, stiffness and inflammation is quite common to happen. Also women suffering with arthritis, thyroid would face these issues more. For healing this condition, turmeric oil can be used as natural oil which can fight all these issues. Turmeric oil massages would simply sooth and loosen up the tight muscles and act as a high impact pain killer!

Muscles And Joint Pain

3. Turmeric For Depression

Women generally during menopause and post menopause feel highly stresses, depresses and anxious. This is the phase which comes with numerous bodily changes along with these psychological changes. Turmeric reduces stress and works as an anti depressant for women during this phase!

Turmeric For Depression

4. Turmeric For Vaginal Conditions

During and post menopause, the vagina gets dry, itchy, infectious and sometimes also faces unpleasing discharges. Turmeric helps in cleansing the vaginal infections and reducing pain and tenderness. Also it would fight the smell and discharge and get your vagina healthy and safe!

Vaginal Conditions

5. Turmeric As A Immunity Booster

Along with age and tie, the immunity of women may degrade also due to lack of proper nutrition and nourishment. During and post menopause, women’s ability to fight various disease get quite low which can be healed using turmeric. Turmeric consumption would boost the immunity and would help in resisting various diseases!

Immunity Booster

6. Turmeric As A Metabolism Booster

Post menopause also comes with one of the most unpleasing and annoying condition which is gaining weight and increasing cholesterol! Some women face a lot of weight gain during menopause which is also stressful! Turmeric is a natural metabolism booster which would boost up your metabolism and digestive system which would help in reducing weight! Not only does it help in reducing weight, but also it would help in fighting the disease like obesity, high cholesterol, fatty liver etc which are caused due to heavy weight and fat storage!

Metabolism Booster

7. Turmeric For Heart Disease And Heart Attacks

Heart disease and attacks are caused by the thickening of the blood and lack of proper supply of blood from the arteries and veins. During menopause, turmeric consumption can work wonders on this issue as, it helps in regulating the blood flow through the clotted and dense arteries. Also the estrogen supplement in turmeric would reduce the changes of heart disease and heart attack in women!

Heart Disease And Heart Attacks

8. Turmeric For Bone Health

One of the worst conditions after menopause and post menopause is the weakening and poor health of bones. The bones start losing density, become less strong and this invites various diseases. Turmeric is rich with estrogen and such other elements which would simply strengthen the bones and would fight any kind of bone related disease!

Bone Health

9. Turmeric For Fighting Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the prominent and significant effects of menopause and post menopause stage of the women’s life. Many women suffer from breast cancer after menopause due to lack of proper immunity, low estrogen and resistance to disease. Turmeric is filled with oxidants which help in resisting the cancer cells occurring after menopause.

Breast Cancer

10. Turmeric For Insomnia And Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a brain disease which is caused by inflammation and poor blood supply in the brain. Turmeric boosts blood flow in the brain which narrows the chances of spread of the disease in women. Also women complain regarding sleeplessness and insomnia which can also be healed using turmeric as, its consumption would get you a great sleep and peaceful mind!

Insomnia And Alzheimer’s