10 Best Pre Pregnancy Tips For Women

Pre Pregnancy Tips For Women

Pregnancy is one of the lives changing periods. It is filled with joy of having the baby as well the pain of complications. If you are going through this phase, here are some really helpful and important tips which you can consider. These tips will not only help you in reducing pain and sufferings but it will make you strong, relaxed and ready both mentally and physically. So that you can enjoy that beautiful 9 months journey with less pain and troubles. It will also give you and your little one post pregnancy benefits.

1. Lose Some Pounds:

If you’re planning a baby try to shed extra weight from your body. Over weight is harmful for both mother and child. It can lead you to some of the horrifying conditions like miscarriage, high blood pressure, early delivery, birth complication and spina bifida. It is proved and examined that overweighed mothers have high chances to face obesity and child diabetes issue. Hence it is really very important to prepare and shape you body for growing a new life into it.

 Lose Some Pounds

2. Eat Food Items With High Folic Acid:

Folic acid can help you in reducing the complications of birth defect. Even doctors suggest having 300-400 mg of folic acid daily due to its health benefits for to be mom. You can add whole wheat grains, cereals, Good vegetables and yummy citrus foods for having good amount of folic acid in your regular diet. You can discuss your history and diet with doctor, so that he can suggest you the exact amount of folic you need to consume.

 Folic Acid

3. Plan A Visit To Doctor:

Your doctor has the magic to make your pregnancy smooth and easy. He will go deep inside your past health history, he will note down the supplement you’re taking on basis of which he will suggest you whether to gain or lose weight, what to do , what to not. He will take several tests like blood pressure, diabetes etc. for making you upcoming child healthy and risk free.


4. Stay Away From Smoking , Drinking And Drugs:

Smoking, drinking and drugs can reduce the fertility of both men and women, so if you’re planning baby try to quite it before 3-4 months and you’ll truly find the better results. It also effects worst for pregnancy and lead you to birth defects, premature baby birth, complications in weight of new born baby.

Stay Away From Smoking , Drinking And Drugs

5. Start Exercising And Yoga:

Yoga and exercises is your true friend during pregnancy. It has amazing benefits. It helps you not only in losing weight but it also gives you strength to recover early after the delivery. It will help you in reducing the number of aches and will reduce that killer back pain. It can also save you from after pregnancy depression.

Start Exercising And Yoga

6. Have Warm And Health Diet:

Planning baby! You will need a lot of energy during pregnancy and it is advisable to start collecting it before few months of conceiving. As per doctors you should start eating green veggies and highly nutritional warm foods. It is important to eat smart and health for weight balance and to avoid urinal tube defect. So get your new diet chart for pre pregnancy.

Have Warm And Health Diet

7. Visit Dentist For Gum Checkup:

You must be thinking of what connection do gums have with pregnancy. Here’s the reason bad gum can lead you to periodontitis and premature birth. So to secure you and your baby from such conditions it is very important and preferable to have healthy gums and to go for gum check once before pregnancy.

Visit Dentist For Gum Checkup

8. Quit Caffeine:

Caffeine is counted as one of the reason for miscarriage. It is not proven but doctors prefer to limit the intake of caffeine up to 200 mg per day. But it is better to stay safe and avoid such harmful substances for some time. So try to quit Caffeine as much as possible.

Quit Caffeine

9. Keep Calm And Stress-Free:

Pregnancy is more about your emotions and values. Your baby can feel your happiness, sadness and every mood. So it is more important to stay relaxed and practice to stay stress-free by meeting your friends, morning walk and do the things which get you happy. You can try yoga, it works best.

Keep Calm And Stress-Free

10. Discuss The Medicines And Supplements, If You’re Having Any:

If you’re taking any kind of regular vitamins or pills, then you must discuss it with your doctor before conceiving baby. In some cases it can prevent you from any birth related complications and defects. Make sure to discuss each and every supplements and diet you consume. All the best for your pregnancy!

 Discuss The Medicines And Supplements, If You’re Having Any