10 Causes, Symptoms And Medical Solutions For Oligomenorrhea

Causes, Symptoms And Medical Solutions For Oligomenorrhea

Oligomenorrhea is a condition where women face irregularity and unevenness in menstrual cycle. The general gap between the menstrual cycles is 28-30 days and when this gap exceeds the regular limit, it can be known as oligomenorrhea. There are numerous causes and symptoms if this condition through which it can get identified. This condition is generally not more harmful and dangerous. Due to common hormonal changes and other bodily changes, you can face the irregularity of menstruation cycle but, if you constantly miss your periods and get delayed periods, it can get harmful for your body and showcase some issues.

If You Want To Know In Depth Regarding This Condition, Here Are The Causes, Symptoms And Treatment Options Available For This Disease:


1. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes are one of the most prominent causes of this condition. Due to various hormones getting increased or decreased in your body, the menstrual cycle and various other functions get slower down and can cause irregular menstruation. The main hormones like estrogen and progesterone get unbalanced and can lead to this disease. Hormonal change is thus a major cause of irregular periods.

Hormonal Changes

2. Heavy Workouts

The women, who generally take part in extremely rigorous and high intensity physical activities, can suffer from this issue. The workouts with a lot of weights, strength and some of the rigorous sports activities are also considered as the reason and cause or irregular periods.

Heavy Workouts

3. Thyroid Or Diabetes

The women suffering from disease like thyroid or diabetes are more open towards the risk of irregular periods. These conditions can also lead into hormonal changes and fluctuations which can make your periods irregular!

Thyroid Or Diabetes

4. Medications

Some medications can vitally affect your menstruation. If you are consuming the medications which can raise the levels of prolactin in your body, it can harm your menstrual cycle and delay it! This some medications as a side effect can cause you irregular periods!



5. Gap In Menstrual Cycle

This is the fort and primary sign of oligomenorrhea. If you get you periods delayed by the normal time, it can cause irregular periods and this issue. The general gap between the menstrual cycle if 28-30 days and if your periods start getting late constantly, you must consider it as a sign of oligomenorrhea.

Gap In Menstrual Cycle

6. Intense Bleeding

If you are suffering from intense and high bleeding after delayed periods, you must consult your doctor as it can be a symptom of oligomenorrhea. Generally the women suffering from this condition get delayed periods and once the menstrual cycle starts, they have to face excessive or too less bleeding!

Intense Bleeding


7. Heaviness In The Abdomen

This is a feeling which you can get if you are suffering from this disorder. Instead of getting your menstrual cycle, you would feel heaviness and extreme load in your abdomen. If your periods are delayed constantly and you feel this heaviness for long, it can be a symptom of oligomenorrhea!

Heaviness In The Abdomen

8. Problem In Conceiving

If you are facing this issue of conceiving, it may be due to the delayed periods and uncertainty of the periods. It is very important for women to have a normal and healthy menstrual cycle for conceiving. To have a baby, you would require a healthy and regular menstrual cycle which is not possible in the case of oligomenorrhea. If you have troubles in conceiving, this can get as a symptom of this disorder!

Problem In Conceiving

Medical Solutions:

9. Medications

There are numerous medications available for treating this disorder. Generally, irregular periods are caused due to the hormonal changes. For controlling and balancing the hormone levels, the doctor prescribes medicines. These medicines would help in balancing the hormones and would get quite an effective treatment for this disorder. Within short time, your menstrual cycle would get regulated and normal.


10. Glandular Therapy

This is the therapy which is used in balancing their hormonal levels. Generally, this disorder affects the women who are going though hormonal changes. All the irregularity and changes in the menstruation cycle are due to this issue. Thus, hormones must get controlled in order to fight this disorder. The doctors would simply go for the glandular therapy for treating this disorder completely! This is one of the effective and widely preferred treatment options for this disease.

Glandular Therapy