10 Causes, Symptoms And Ways To Fight Vulva Cancer

Causes, Symptoms And Ways To Fight Vulva Cancer

Vulva cancer is a harmful disease and form of cancer found in females. This disease causes heavy growth in the vulva. The labia of the woman’s genital part are considered as the primary affected area through this disease. It is a type of ganenaecological cancer which is detected in woman’s genital parts. There are several conditions which can result into vulva cancer among which; HPV is one of the most primary reasons. Like the other form of cancers, there are surgery options available for vulvae cancer too. If you are looking for some information regarding vulva cancer, its causes and symptoms.

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1. Human Papilloma Virus

HPV also known as Human Papiliomma Virus is one of the most prominent and primary cause of vulva cancer which is identified in women. The women, who are already infected with HPV, are open more towards the risk of vulva cancer.

Human Papilloma Virus

2. Chronic Vulva Itching And Cervical Cancer

If the woman already faces some inflammation or itching constantly over the vulva, it can result into vulva cancer. This condition is also sometimes refereed as dysplasia which can get harmful if not treated on time! Cervical cancer is also one of the causes of vulva cancer which can result into extreme conditions.

Chronic Vulva Itching And Cervical Cancer

3. Smoking, Multiple Sexual Partners

Oral causes like smoking and changing the sexual partners can sometimes result into vulvar cancer. People who prefer multiple sexual partners while not considering safety and get infected through HIV are highly open towards vulva cancer.

Smoking, Multiple Sexual Partners


4. Itching And Bleeding In Vulva

This is one of the primary symptoms which indicate that a woman is suffering from vulva cancer. Women face the issues of itching, inflammation, and even bleeding through the genitals and vulva. This is a continuous bleeding which does not get stopped immediately and lasts long. This is one of the prominent symptoms if vulva cancer.

Itching And Bleeding In Vulva

5. Skin Changes

If a woman is suffering from vulva cancer, the skin changes and the color are quite casual. It may happen that the vulva gets red in color or it may appear lighter and brighter than the normal shade. Also sometimes women observe rashes and red skin which makes the skin look irritated and itchy.

Skin Changes

6. Ulcers And Pain While Urination

This is one of the most highly observed symptom if vulva cancer. Women generally find it tough to urinate during vulva cancer. The irritated area gets itchy and burns during urination and causes high inflammation. Also during sex, a woman suffering from vulva cancer may feel some burning sensation. There are lumps or ulcers over the vulva which makes it immensely painful to urinate and have sex. The ulcers and pain in the vulva is highly long lasting and would not disappear soon!

Ulcers And Pain While Urination

Ways To Fight:

7. Surgery For Vulva Cancer

There are numerous surgeries for cancer. Laser therapy is one of the most widely preferred therapies. Also vulvectomy is one of the most well known and effective surgery options available for vulva cancer. The surgeries are selected on the basis of stage of cancer, depth and reach of the cancer cells and the preference of doctor and the patient. Local excision is also a part of treatment. Radical vulvectomy is a surgery where the entire vulva is removed from the body. There are such numerous surgery options which are preferred by detecting the need of treatments.

Surgery For Vulva Cancer

8. Radiation Therapy

There are some high impact radiations like gamma rays and X rays which are used in fighting cancer while targeting the cancer cells. From outside the body, the rays are transmitted and targeted inside the body in areas affected with cancer. This is also called external beam therapy. Chemotherapy is given with radiations in some intense cases when cancer cells get out of control and are tough to fight!

Radiation Therapy

9. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is one of the significant and widely used therapies which fight cancer cells. This drug is used to destroy all the cancer cells prevailing in the vulva which are already spread. Chemotherapy is provided with injections in the or through IV drips. Also some drugs for chemotherapy are available as tablets which can be used for treating cancer.


10. Biological Therapy

This is one of the methods and highly effective method in which, the immune system of the patient is used to fight vulva cancer. This is one of the natural ways in which, the cancer cells can be fought. Immune system is the most prominent system in the body which fights various kinds of disease and illnesses. In this process, the immune cells and elements which the body produces to fight various disease, are boosted up and strengthened in the laboratory which can fight the cancer cells.

Biological Therapy

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