10 Common Symptoms Of Hyperemesis Gravidarum During Pregnancy

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG herein after) during pregnancy can lead to nausea, vomiting, electrolyte disturbance or weight loss. In a layman’s term, Hyperemesis Gravidarum is associated with morning sickness. The number of women facing this is high and happens to women who have gone through 70-80% of pregnancy period. Factors such as having history with HG, or more than one baby in the womb, overweight and going through pregnancy for the first time can affect and bring about such issues. Treating the same depends upon its severity. For some, only the home remedies would be enough whereas in some cases, a woman might need to get hospitalized. To avoid some of the symptoms that are going to go down mentioned in his article, staying hydrated and taking rest are vital.

Let Us See Some Of The Signs That You May Notice While Going Through Such An Issue And They Are Discussed Below As The Following:

1. Decrease In Urination

Staying hydrated is thus a very important aspect. Decrease in urination would void bringing out the unwanted liquid excreta and they staying inside isn’t going to help anyone. This usually doesn’t cause a very big damage but should be kept in mind. Staying dehydrated can also give the lady cramps and lower abdominal pain.

Decrease In Urination

2. Vomiting

Although a very common phenomenon during pregnancy, vomiting which may occur 4-6 times a day isn’t healthy or usual. This leads us to say that it could have a large impact on the woman’s health as all the nutrients which she intakes is brought out by the same, therefore, to avoid the same tube feeding is the key in cases where vomiting doesn’t seem to end. Eating small quantity of ginger in the morning is another way to avoid vomiting as early as waking up in the morning.


3. Nausea

The hormonal changes in the body affects the woman greatly. Nausea early morning is very common to woman laboring and this could extend for minutes immediately after waking up. Confusion and fainting, the two other symptoms may occur due to nausea.


4. Jaundice

As stated above, in HG, urination level decrease and if the wastes aren’t excreted out from the body by either vomiting or urinating, it might lead to jaundice. Jaundice during pregnancy can be fatal and thus again, the importance of drinking water and staying hydrated can counter the situation effectively. Once the urination color tends to turn extreme yellow, a doctor should be seen at once.


5. Headaches

Another very regular occurring discomfort is headache. The surge of hormones increases and this tends to change the dynamics of blood and these two changes coupled together can lead to severe head pain. Stress, mental fatigue and overthinking can be other reasons why headaches can be felt.


6. Fatigue

Fatigue, like the other very common incidents is no different. It happens during the odd hours of the day, leave behind the one felt early in the morning. Fatigue, even though the woman laboring will not be working out heavily, is a result of exhaustion felt during pregnancy. Also, the diminishing hours of sleep add to the physical dilemma of the body.


7. Depression

Although pregnancy is supposed to be a happy period for a woman, according to a study conducted by The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), 14-23% of women go through the struggle with some symptoms of depression during pregnancy. Confusion, fear, stress and at times forgetting may become a problem for the woman and this can only be tackled by the partner by talking and calming her down.


8. Loss Of Appetite

Where it is beneficial for the woman to consume the best diet possible to keep herself and the baby nourished loss of appetite acts as a barrier against the same. A doctor prescribing a special diet for the woman is aware about this complication and therefore it should be strictly followed. The hormonal change is the major cause why hunger tends to end before the normal.

Loss Of Appetite

9. Dehydration

Why, because woman going through pregnancy loses water faster than she intakes. Dehydration has already been stated above and if it occurs, it could lead to many more complications which would only add to the misery. Therefore, drink plenty fluids to stay hydrated.


10. Low Blood Pressure

Low blood pressure is bound to happen to a pregnant woman and therefore nothing new if occurs in the morning. High heart beating rate is another complimentary activity that goes along with low blood pressure.

Low Blood Pressure