10 Effective Back Pain Remedies

Back Pain Remedies

Back Pain Remedies An aching back can be a real pain in the neck and those who suffer from incessant back pain would know how it would throw their otherwise normal life upside down. Even a slight pain in your back can throw you out of balance and can be extremely uncomfortable to handle, let alone live with.

Here are some tried and tested techniques that would effectively help you get rid of that annoying back pain. So instead of ignoring the pain until it turns into something more serious, start following these tips on a day to day basis and stay healthy and fit for a long time to come.

Effective Remedies For Back Pain

Weight Considerations

The back is made up of the bones called vertebrae that run from the nape of the neck to the buttocks. These bones are not designed to carry excess loads.

And so when you put on more weight than your body can handle, you automatically start to put pressure on the vertebrae which in turn affect the muscles on the back of your body. This in turn would cause your back to ache tremendously.

So keep a check on your weight at regular intervals to make sure it doesn’t cross a limit wherein your back starts feeling the pressure of your increasing tummy.

Posture Considerations

The way you sit, stand, sleep or even move about could also be a significant reason behind that incessant back pain you suffer from. Posture plays a very important role in controlling how much pressure is exerted on the spine by the body.

Make sure you stand upright without slouching. When you sit down, make sure your back is straight and is pressed against the chair. Trying to recline or crouch in a sofa or chair would have adverse affects on the spine and would cause back pain.

Some of us tend to bend down from the waist when we need to pick something off the ground. Doing so would cause excess strain on the back, leading to back pain. You would be doing your back a great favor if you bend down from the knees instead of from the waist. Try to keep your back as straight as possible whenever you bend down to pick something.

Waking Up Right

Some of us tend to just jump out of bed in a hurry to get to work in the morning. While this action may give our body the necessary boost that it desires to kick start the day, the truth is that jumping out of bed instantly would put immense pressure on the back and lead to acute back pain.

Don’t try to get out of bed in a vertical position. Rather, stretch your body, roll over to one side of the bed, lie flat on your back for a moment, keep your feet on the floor and then turn sideways before getting up slowly.

Massage Woes

The next time you opt for a back massage, make sure that you get it done via someone who is a professional. Anyone apart from a professional would not know the pressure points in your body and may unknowingly put too much pressure directly on your spine, an action that can increase your chances of getting back ache or complicate an already existing back problem.

Stretch Regularly

Back Pain Remedies

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Make it a point to stretch your muscles at regular intervals, especially if you have a job that requires you to be seated in a place for long hours on end. When the body remains in a stationary position for a long time, the muscles tend to become sore. Any sudden movement would then cause cramps or aches.

The same goes for the back. Make it a point whenever you get out of bed, or get up from a chair. You can also opt for regular stretching exercises to get rid of back pain.

For instance, lying down flat on your back on the bed and raising your knees to chest position repeatedly would help remove excess pressure from your back and thus get rid of acute back pain.

Keep Moving About

Even if your work requires you to stay fixed to one spot for long periods, try to squeeze in a few tiny breaks at regular intervals, long enough for you to get up from your seat, stretch, or walk a few steps.

This would eliminate the back pain that usually develops due to a prolonged stationary posture. Make good use of your normal breaks to walk around instead of just eating your lunch and getting back to your seat.

The more you walk; the better would be the blood circulation in your body which would in turn prevent back pain and other related issues.

Extreme Hot and Cold Remedy

If you feel bugged by a painful back that literally makes you cry out in pain, here’s an effective remedy to help you out. Lie down on your stomach on the bed and keep some ice packs on your back. Remove the ice packs after 20 seconds. Repeat the procedure several times a day.

After two days get rid of the ice packs and switch over to hot water bottle or hot compressors that would provide heat to the affected area, thereby helping the muscles contract and expand repeatedly on their own.This would in turn reduce even the mother of all back pains effectively.

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Yoga Classes

Back Pain Remedies

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Joining a yoga class would do wonders for your aching back. The stretches performed in yoga give great strength to the back muscles, thereby both helping you cope with back pains and preventing the latter from recurring.

Alternatively, you can also join a t’ai chi class which has stretches and movements that are beneficial for the back. Just make sure you do the movements correctly though.

Improper Exercises

Some individuals tend to go overboard while exercising and opt for higher intensity of workouts as soon as they start working out. This is not recommended at all and is in fact incorrect.

Opting for heavier weights, increased repetitions or extremely intense workouts within a few days of hitting the gym would place immense pressure on the muscles in your body (especially those in the back) and may also cause them to tear in the process. So take it slow and easy and increase the intensity of your workout regime one step at a time.

Standard Medications

Of course if none of these tips seem to work, you can opt for prescribed or over the counter medications (like aspirin, NSAID, ibuprofen etc.) to treat back pain. Diagnosing the condition beforehand would enable you to understand the reason behind the pain after which appropriate treatment can be given.

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