10 Effective Ways To Beat Cheek Fat

10 Effective Ways To Beat Cheek Fat

Chubby cheeks make you feel discouraged and lower your self esteem. Excess fat that is built up in your cheeks make you look older than your age. Chubby cheeks occur because of various reasons. One of the most important reasons is water retention. Your body may be retaining much water. You have to get rid of water weight in order to get beautiful cheeks. To get this you have to make few changes to your diet. At the same time, you have to follow regular exercise schedule to tone up your cheeks.

Here Are Few Diet Change And Exercise Tips That Help You To Get Rid Of Cheek Fat:

Blowing Balloon

It may sound crazy. But, it is really helpful in getting rid of cheeky fat. Blowing balloons is an effective exercise that helps in removing the excess fat from cheeks. When you blow balloons, cheeks inflate and deflate. This gives a perfect exercise for cheeks. This procedure greatly works up on the muscles of cheek area. Hence, you will be able to get rid of chubby cheeks very quickly.

blowing ballon

Drinking Water

Water is an effective natural medicine for various problems. Water helps you to get rid of toxins that are accumulated in the body. By drinking adequate amount of water you can lose the fat that is deposited in the cheeks. Water helps in flushing out the toxins and prevents inflammation and bloating of the area. It reduces excess fat. Hence, drinking water is highly recommended if you are really looking for the ways to get rid of cheeky fat.

Drinking Water

Hot Water compress

If you find that the cheek’s fat is because of some internal inflammation or swelling, they you have to put a hot pack on that particular area. Compression with hot pack helps you to get rid of cheeks fat. It is an ideal method that helps to remove the fat that is accumulated in the cheek. Gently compress with the temperature that you can bear. If you repeat it twice a day, you will get the desired results.

Hot Water Compress

Chewing Bubble Gum

It is one of the best ways to get rid of excess fat from your cheeks. When you chew the gum your muscles are engaged with a work. It works as an exercise for muscles. Jaw muscles and cheek muscles are given enough work when you chew the gum. By doing this, you are able to get rid of excess fat that is accumulated on the cheek. Follow, this procedure regularly to get rid of cheek fat.

Chewing Gum

Diet Changes

A diet plays an important role in making you healthier and beautiful. Hence, whenever you face any sort of problem with regards to your health, you must pay attention to your diet and change it or adjust it accordingly so that you will be able to manage the health problems. Same procedure applies in reducing cheek fat. You must pay attention to reduce salt intake which is responsible for causing bloating in cheek area. Tamarind also has the same impact on cheeks. Hence make sure to reduce the intake of these ingredients which causes for fat in cheeks. Take more fruits and fiber instead of fried and fatty foods.

Diet Changes

Tongue Exercise

One of the easy ways to get rid of cheek fat is tongue exercise. Tongue exercise helps you to get rid of cheek fat easily and quickly. It is a great way that ensures the removal of cheek fat. Tongue rotation in a clock wise followed by anti-clock-wise manner helps in making you free from cheek fat. Cheek muscles stretch and provide you place for workout of the tongue.

tongue exercise

Learn To Chew More

One of the great ways of getting rid of cheek fats is chewing your food slowly. By doing this, cheek area muscles will get enough work that helps to remove the cheek fat. This procedure is not only helpful in proper digestion of food, it also helpful in removing the fat that is accumulated in the cheek area. When you chew slowly, you are giving enough exercise for the muscles in the cheek.

Chew Properly Your Food

Facial Massage

Massage is another effective way of removing the excess fat that is accumulated in the cheek area. Try to massage gently over the face with a lotion or cream. You can also prefer oil massage twice a day. Remember to massage in a motion from the area near from the lips to the cheeks outer portion. Follow this procedure on daily basis.

Facial Massage


This is one of the powerful tricks that help to reduce chubbiness in the cheeks. Warm water gargling at least thrice a day gives you beautiful cheeks. Gargle with a mouthful of warm water. You can do this procedure anytime and anywhere. This method is highly helpful in relieving you from cheeky fat.

Gargling with salt water


Lack of sleep causes puffiness around the eyes and cheeks. Sleep deprivation gives your cheeks swelly look. Hence, you must have adequate amount of sleep. It is an important point you should always remember. Avoid sleeping immediately after having lunch or dinner. Make sure to get at least 8 hours of good quality of sleep.

These are the various ways to get rid of cheeky fats. Have you tried any of these procedures? Please share us your experiences.