10 Facts About Molar Pregnancy You Should Be Aware Of

Getting pregnant is every woman’s dream. But not getting Molar Pregnant. Molar Pregnancy is a kind of gestational trophoblastic disease which is to with the Uterus of women. In simple terms Molar Pregnancy are tumors that form in the Uterus of women. When unattended to, these forms into grape like clusters in the Uterus of women and have the danger of maturing into untreatable cancer. It is imperative that every woman understands some fact about Molar Pregnancy.

Some Of Them Are Given Below:

1. Get immediately Diagnosed

If you have bleeding or vaginal spotting or diagnosed of increased HCG level during the initial months, seek medical attention immediately. Talk to your Gynecologist if it is fetus or any kind of tumor that you are carrying. Getting this ascertained right at the initial stage is very crucial since any delay in this may lead to undesirable dire consequences. Most Molar Pregnancies can be diagnosed during the first trimester itself by doing an Ultra Sound. If your Doctor does not recommend an Ultra Sound at this stage, request for one in your own interest.

Get immediately Diagnosed

2. Act Immediately

If the result of the diagnoses is Molar Pregnancy, don’t hesitate to abort it immediately. Do so after consulting you Gynecologist who may also want you to do the same since this is the only solution available. Get it ascertained from your Doctor if your Molar pregnancy is completely aborted with any left out traces. Getting your Molar Pregnancy aborted at the earliest is recommended since the more delayed it happens may lead you to the risk of getting affected with cancer.

Act Immediately

3. Regular Check Ups

After getting aborted, ensure you go in for regular checkups as advised by your Gynecologist. Be aware that these checkups may even be a year long ones. Ensure no check up is missed. Ascertain from your Doctor regularly during every check up about the normalcy of your health condition. Do not stop the check up till your Doctor is convinced that you are completely healthy and out of any possible risks.

Regular Check Ups

4. When To Conceive

Do not get conceived again till you get a clear non-ambiguous green signal from your Doctor. Getting conceived without Consulting your Doctor is a risky job. If you become conceived again without getting your Gynecologist’s ‘go ahead’ then you may land up in another Molar Pregnancy which may pose a great risk for your life. Diagnosing the repeat Molar Pregnancy is very difficult since it doesn’t even expose itself during the second time.

5. Regular HCG Tests

Ensure you go in for the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) tests regularly as advised by your Doctor. These tests are utterly necessary after aborting a Molar Pregnancy. Your Doctor will be able to guide you clearly on the frequency in which these tests need to be taken. When advised by your Doctor, take these tests in a diligent manner and do not miss even a single one.

Regular HCG Tests

6. History Plays A Crucial Role

Whether you change your Doctor or not, keep your Gynecologist informed about your past history of Molar Pregnancy since this plays a crucial role in the Doctor’s understanding of your medical condition. This will also help you Doctor be careful to watch constantly for any risks during your complete pregnancy period.

7. Seek Advice

Keep your Gynecologist informed about your food habits and about any type of medication you might be undergoing for some other kind of ailment. This is just to ensure that the medicine being administered on you for as treatment post abortion of the Molar Pregnancy works on you in an effective manner.

8. Watch For Symptoms

While bleeding during pregnancy happens in many women, it is still an unwanted condition medically. Adding to this condition if you are discharging pinkish white grape like bubbles through Vagina, it is something that requires immediate medical attention. Seek your Doctor’s advice immediately.

Watch For Symptoms

9. Anomaly Tests

Talk openly with your Gynecologist during every check up. Ascertain if the tissue appears like that of a fetus or a mole. Whether you get any real symptoms or not, once you have aborted a Molar Pregnancy, ensure that there are no anomalies left out of your attention.

Anomaly Tests

10. Regularly Monitor

We insist again and again to have regular checkups as advised by your Gynecologist in fixed periodicities. Do not miss any appointment given for checkups by your Doctor. Till your Doctor is convinced and till you feel physically fit, regularly monitor your health condition for anomalies or symptoms. Ensure you get administered on all medications recommended by your Doctor in the right dosage and timing for complete recovery.

Regularly Monitor