10 Healthy Snacks For Pregnant Mothers

During pregnancy what hits the lowest are the taste buds. From sweet to savoury to tangy or spicy, mothers can create havoc if they do not find their meal at the table at the right time and in fact the right meal! It gets very challenging to place a delicious yet healthy snack, keeping in mind the calories and nutrition. We don’t want our mothers to gain more weight on account of food. Keeping a tab on the diet that she intakes, we have put down some snacks which she can grab at any time of the day, and which will also be harmless to her health.

Here Are 10 Healthy Snacks For Pregnant Mothers

1. Fruits

Fruits should be a part of every meal and each day of pregnancy. It’s a given that fruits are full of vitamins and fiber content. They solve the problem of hunger and if you need to jazz it up, a fruit with pepper, salt and a dash of lemon makes for such a delightful and healthy option! Apples are great for constipation and lowers cholesterol drastically.


2. Porridge

Oats, wheat flakes, daliya or oatmeal with milk, is a wholesome food for breakfast. It’s extremely light on the tummy and rich in fibre. It ensures smooth bowel movements. Daliya or porridge can also be made both sweet and savoury according to the current liking of the taste buds.


3. Sprouts

Evergreen and healthiest snack on the nutrient chart. Sprouts are an excellent source of iron and can be made into a tangy chaat, with some tomatoes, cucumber and onions to make it more appetizing. It is incredibly light on the stomach.


4. Fruit Smoothies

A good usage of seasonal fruits would be to smash them into a smoothie! High on flavour and a different take than the mundane juices, smoothies are healthy and quenchers during summers for the mothers, detoxifying the body.

Fruit Smoothies

5. Cucumbers And Carrot Salad

Twisting cucumbers and carrots with some tomatoes and onions chopped finely, presents a delicious snack for the expecting. They are a rich source of fibre and good for solving constipation issues.

Cucumbers And Carrot Salad

6. Nuts

High fibre nuts are a must when you are pregnant. Almonds, rich in proteins, potassium, vitamin A and E are highly recommended. Amongst others, soy nuts are a good alternative. They are crunchy and can be used in a multifarious ways, roasted, fried or spiced.


7. Corn

Those sweet corns which provide for excellent aroma are also a tasty snack-on item. Steamed sweet corn with diced capsicum, sautéed in butter and pepper is an easy-to-cook snack and heavenly with a cup of tea in the evening for mothers. Rich in vitamin B6 and fibre content, it is great for the digestive system.


8. Sandwiches

A cucumber and tomato sandwich is such a delicious and easy on the tummy snack. It fills your appetite and also gives you the much needed energy. This is one of the best snacks to binge on in the morning, when all mothers to be want to throw up due to nausea. It is advised that the multi grain or whole wheat bread be used for these sandwiches.


9. Yogurt

Yoghurt is yet another must in the list for healthy dietary meals for expecting women. It can be paired with cereals, puffed rice or flattened rice, or even fruits. Powerhouse of calcium and proteins, yoghurt helps in building the immunity system and improves digestion.


10. Poha

Ideal as a breakfast snack in an Indian home, flattened rice is light on the tummy and makes for a healthy option. It can be mixed with a generous amount of green veggies and nuts to make it a wholesome dish.