10 Home Remedies For Vaginal Itching And Burning

Home Remedies For Vaginal Itching And Burning

Vaginal itching and burning is one of the common problems women face. There are numerous reasons ranging from menstruation period to general bacterial infections which are the causes of such conditions. Irritation and itching in the body is quite normal but when it affects the highly sensitive and private areas such as vagina, the pain, discomfort and side effects are quite more. Generally, this is not a dangerous and problematic condition and can happen due to some normal infections but in some cases, it get more troublesome and extensive if not treated on time! Here are some of the useful home remedies to prevent and heal vaginal itching and burning sensation.

You Can Identify The Symptoms And Opt For These Remedies After Consultation To Prevent More Dangerous And Hectic Situations:

1. Salt Water Bath

Cleansing and nourishing can be the best option if you are suffering from various issues regarding itching and burning. Due to dry skin, infections and bacteria, the skin gets rough, dry and itchy. You can try this amazing and natural remedy of considering a hot water salt bath which can provide you relief and quite relaxation. Add some salt in your bath tub and relax in this water. Do not use this remedy if you are suffering from cuts and marks (1).

Salt Water Bath

2. Azadirachta Indica Water

Azadirachta indica is such an amazing herb which is a quick solution for all the skin disease and infections. You can rely on this amazing and reliving herb which would get you amazing skin back. Either due to yeast infection or any other reason you are suffering from vaginal itching and burning, go for this super cool remedy and watch the results! Crush some neem leaves and boil them. Bath with this amazing water daily and you would get rid of the issue soon (2)!

Azadirachta Indica Water

3. Honey

From ulcers to bruises, from dry and itchy skin to dull ad lifeless skin, this amazing natural ingredient is suggested as a home remedy for numerous problems due to its ability to fight the bacteria and infections in no time! Without any side effect, this cool ingredient would work wonders on your vaginal itching and burning. Apply some on the infected area and get relived soon (3)!


4. Cold Compresses

For dry itchy and burning skin over the vagina, this amazing remedy would work wonders and would get your skin retain the moisture and smoothness. Cold water and ice makes the areas cool and you would not feel heavy inflammation and itching once you apply it. Apply some ice on the infected area or wash the area with chilled water and freshen your vagina (4)!

Cold Compresses

5. Coconut Oil

This amazing oil has numerous ingredients and elements which would calm down and soothe the itching. It is anti bacterial and anti fungal which would help in fighting any infection or bacteria. Apply some coconut oil on the affected area and then rinse (5).

Coconut Oil

6. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the most amazing essential oils which are blessed with some rich and healing properties which would never fail to get you amazing results. This oil fights bacteria, fungus, infections and moisturizes your vagina hindering dryness and burning sensation. Apply tea tree oil and get cool results soon (6)!

Tea Tree Oil

7. Yogurt

This cool and soothing antibacterial element is amazing when it comes to bacteria and infections. It is highly preferred as a home remedy for itching and dryness as this amazing ingredient is capable to maintain the ph balance and nourish the skin. Apply some fresh yogurt on your affected vaginal area and rinse soon. This would get your skin smooth and fresh as ever (7)!


8. Garlic

This king of antibacterial and anti fungal properties is rich with elements which would never fail to fight the infections and get high relief! If you are suffering from vaginal dryness and itching, consume garlic tablets which would work as an effective medication and as a home remedy which would save you from any ill effect and give a natural treatment (8)!


9. Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin e oil is rich with all the ingredients which help in retaining the beautiful skin and in fighting various and numerous infections. Vitamin e oil is rich with fatty acids which would work simply wonders on your skin and would get you rid of various skin infections and issues. You can consume vitamin e oil tablets or apply the oil on the infected area to fight the bacteria, itching and burning sensation (9)!

Vitamin E Oil

10. Basil Leaves

This holy and divine herb is filled with enriched and amazing herbal ingredients which would fight the bacteria and infections in simple cool uses. Soak some basil leaves in water and rinse your vagina with this amazing and magical water and you would get fresh, bacteria free and cool vaginal skin (10)!

Basil Leaves