10 Natural Ways To Streghthen Bones For Females

A lot of women who do not workout or cannot do any physical activities sometimes suffer from weak bones. One of the main reasons for weaker bones is less calcium in the body along with Vitamin D. A proper amount of calcium is needed to make your bones strong and healthy and it also gives proper support to your body and also your teeth. Sometimes you avoid drinking milk as a kid and hence when you grow up you suffer from weaker bones. Women who are more than 40 years old suffers from weak bones and therefore it becomes really important to eat healthy and make sure to eat food which are rich in calcium and that will support your bones and will make it strong. Healthy bones not only gives a strong structure to your body but it also protects the internal organs and muscles in your body. It also reduces the chances of pain in joints, arthritis, inflammation and other problems that are associated with the bones. Eating right and healthy is one of the best ways to avoid this problem. There are many ways to strengthen your bones.

Below Are The 10 Natural Ways To Streghthen Bones For Females:

1. Yogurt

It is of the richest form of Vitamin D and if you include yogurt in your diet then you will surely have healthy diet[1]. A lot of people, especially women have curd in their diet, but they mix it with other things that sometimes spoil the natural ingredients. Having plain curd is the best option.


2.  Milk

All those women who never drank milk or avoided drinking it for various reasons, it is time to start drinking at least a glass of plain and fresh milk regularly. Milk is rich in Vitamin D and therefore including it in your diet is essential[2]. Choose the milk that is rich in Vitamin D and make sure to drink a glass daily.


3.  Cheese

Cheese is another source of Calcium and vitamin D, potassium, Protein and B12. If you eat only a small amount of cheese regularly you bones will become naturally strong[3]. It has all the things that one needs to make the bones stronger. Just a small piece of cheese and you are sorted.


4. Sardines

If you do not like to eat the white dairy products and you love to eat sea food, but you are very choosy and eat the kinds which is just tasty then please stop that and start eating sardines as they are a rich source of vitamin D and calcium[4]. They look a little odd but it does not really matter. Having it with the food you love the most will solve the problem and you will get your daily dose of calcium and vitamin.


5. Spinach

It is a leafy vegetable and if you are a vegetarian than you must include this in your diet. It is a rich source of vitamin D, K, omega-3, magnesium and other necessary things. It will help your bones becoming strong and if you eat just one-fourth cup daily, your daily dose of vitamin is completed and you will not have to worry about anything[5].


6.  Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are very beneficial for bones. It contains calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D and K and magnesium. Having 1/4th cup of sesame seeds regularly in your routine will be very healthy and it will also make your bones healthy and strong[6]. You can use them as toppings in your salad or roast them. It tastes great and is also a great idea to get your daily dose of calcium.

Sesame Seeds

7.  Eggs

It is an easy to way to get the daily calcium requirement in your body. It contains only 6 percent of calcium but for those who love eating eggs, it is the best way to get the needed calcium[7].


8.  White Beans

White beans are a great source of calcium and including it in your diet will be a wise idea. The white beans contain calcium, magnesium, minerals, fibers, potassium, and protein. It is one of the best and natural ways to strengthen your bones[8]. You can include it in your soups, salads and make dips out of it.

White beans

9.  Cereals

Love eating cereals, then starting healthy cereals that are made of whole-wheat grain and contains a good amount of wheat[9]. It will have about 25% of calcium, which is good for your body. You can also munch on it whenever you want.


10. Salmon

Salmon is a rich source of Vitamin D and Calcium. It helps to strengthen the bones. It is also a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids, which is really good for your skin, hair and eyes as well. Include it in your diet for healthy bones[10].