10 Power Yoga Exercises For Women


Power yoga is one of the best ways for women to boost their stamina and benefit from weight loss. Celebrities swear by this and countless women across the world have benefited from the same. This routine in particular works for women of all ages because it is shorter than regular yoga sessions. The trick here is to maintain a flow of movements when doing yoga and ensure that you are going at a fast pace, heating up the body, aiding weight loss and improving stamina. Pregnant women should avoid doing power yoga.

Here Are Some Top Poses That Women Should Try Out

Tree Pose

For this pose, you have to stand straight and raise your right leg and keep it on top of the left thigh. Then raise both your hands and hold it in a salutation pose while balancing. Hold for about 10 seconds and then switch over to the other leg. You should do this at least 3-4 times.

tree pose

Side Bending

This is a good pose for stretching your love handles and working them out. Stand straight and raise right hand over the head. Now bend as much as you can towards the left side. Hold this pose for about 15 seconds and then repeat with the other hand. Do 2-3 sets each.

side bending


For this pose you should balance yourself on your right leg, as you lift your left leg up and take it right up to your butt level. Then extend both hands in front of you simultaneously. Keep balance on right leg. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat with the other leg. Do 3-4 sets of this power yoga for weight loss.

t pose

Deep Sumo Squat

This is a position that really works on the muscles of the lower body and gets you sweating. Stand with feet shoulder width apart and then bend down as deep as you can. Your hands should be folded in front of you, as you balance yourself in the position. Hold for 10 seconds. Then stand up again and repeat 3-4 times.


Moving Chair Pose

Get the power yoga session grooving as things heated up. This is a great pose for women with heavier bottoms. Pretend to sit on a chair, only you balance yourself with arms extended in front of you. For this pose, don’t hold for more than 10 seconds. Stand straight again and keep repeating. Also, raise heels when doing so and do 1o counts going up and down.


Cobra To Mountain Pose

This is a challenging power yoga move where you switch from one position to the other rhythmically. So make sure you practice slow before taking this challenge. Lie on your stomach and then using both hands, raise your upper body as much as you can, right up the butt. Now from this pose, simply face head down and raise your butts up in the air, like a mountain. Heels should be on the floor and arms straight. Hold and get back to cobra pose again for weight loss.


Plank Pose To Side Planks

This is another pose that moves from one posture to another. For this pose, lie on the floor and then supporting your weight on elbows and hands, raise your stomach and legs, but toes should be firmly on the ground. Hold for 10 seconds. Then balancing yourself sideways, support your entire body weight on the right hand. Hold for few seconds and then move to the left side and repeat. Do at least 2-3 sets of the same.


Bow Pose To Aeroplane Pose

Power yoga is all about increasing intensity and this can be managed with this pose. For this pose, you have to lie on the stomach and then fold both legs as heels touch the butts. Now hold your ankles with your hands and raise both upper and lower body together to form a bow. Hold for 10 seconds and then extend both hands in front of you, while keeping the legs and upper body raised. Hold for 10 seconds and move back to the bow pose.


Thunderbolt To Cat Pose

Now as the moves gets intense, you need to relieve your back. For this pose, you have to sit with both heels under your butts and back straight. Then raise your hands and touch the ground with your forehead. Now using your palms for support arch your back and suck in stomach as you get to the cat pose. Repeat and do both sequences together.


Moving Boat Pose

Finally lie on your back and then raise your legs midway up in the air. When doing so, also extend hands towards legs and bring your upper body up. Hold for ten seconds. Then take the upper body slightly back and then raise it again. Do at least 5-10 sets of this to see your abs work. Don’t forget the cool down!

 boat pose