10 Reasons Of Weight Gain In Women After 40

10 Reasons Of Weight Gain In Women After 40

Becoming obese or overweight is not always related to eating. This is a very common myth amongst masses that only overeating makes you fat or overweight. There are many other reasons which are related to excessive weight gain. One important thing to remember is that female body is very different from the male counterpart and therefore the reasons for weight gain in women are different as compared to males. The difference lies in hormonal make-up, presence of female reproductive system etc. In addition in today’s world females have to multi-task and maintain a balance between work and household chores which is an indirect trigger to weight gain. Let us have a look at the different factors which lead to weight gain in women especially after 40 years of age.

Post-Menopausal Changes

When females, after the age of 40, hit menopause there are lot hormonal changes that start occurring. These changes, especially the ones related to estrogen lead to weight gain. Estrogen is a female hormone which is responsible for maintaining the BMI and keeping the body active. Post menopausal women have reducing estrogen levels which make them lazy and also contribute to weight gain.

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Effects Of Post Pregnancy Body Changes

Most of the women gain weight during pregnancy which is normal. However some of them tend to over-eat which is also a result of many hovering myths. Such excessive eating leads to bad weight gain which stays even after pregnancy. Post pregnancy losing weight becomes a real task due to increased responsibilities and challenges. Thus careful eating during pregnancy under the guidance of a dietician is necessary. Post delivery depression is one more factor that causes overeating and subsequent weight gain.

You Will Gain Weight After C-section

Unbalanced Diet

In their 40s women are literally juggling between their children, housework, their career and what not. This makes them ignorant about their diet and nutrition. Habits like continuous snacking, eating after long intervals, consuming of junk and unhealthy food results in weight gain. Also if the diet is not balanced, for e.g. lack of fibre and protein and excessive carbohydrates and fats leads to increase in body weight.

Control On Appetite

Improper Eating

A not so balanced diet is one factor and improper pattern of eating is other. Women tend to ignore themselves and this affects their eating pattern. Some practices like eating large meals at long intervals or constantly snacking, eating late at night etc. are practices of improper eating which results in weight gain.

Change In Appetite

Use Of Certain Medications

After the age of 40 some health conditions like osteoporosis, other bone disorders, certain hormonal disorders like ovarian cysts etc. tend to occur in women. As a result of these diseases as well as the medications given to treat them, females tend to put on weight. Additionally, some drugs given to treat diabetes and heart conditions also result in weight gain.

Acne Medications


Post age of 40 women have many responsibilities on their shoulders which results in chronic stress. Stress gives the body a signal of crisis and in such a state body tends to store fats for energy generation. This is the major reason for weight gain under stress. Also under stress people tend to increase consumption of sugary foods like ice-cream and chocolates which is again a major contributing factor.


Health Disorders

Certain health disorders like thyroid problems, ovarian cysts, and other hormonal changes etc. results in fat accumulation which lead to increase in weight.

Harmonal Changes

Lack Of Sleep

Staying sleep deprived and not getting a sound sleep puts body under stress which indirectly causes fat accumulation and weight gain.

Lack Of Sleep


Around the age category of 40, generally it so happens that women undergo a brief phase of stress which causes chronic depression. This is one of the most serious factor which silently leads to weight gain and must be taken care of.



In day-to-day juggling between work and personal life, women tend to become self ignorant. This eventually results in improper eating, not taking care of themselves, stress and unhealthy way of living life. All these factors in some or the other way contribute to excessive weight gain.

4. Sedate Lifestyle

It is very important to realise that being overweight or obese is just not aesthetically important. Excessive weights is also responsible for various health conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, bone disorders etc. which is why is important to avoid it. Preventive measures must be taken to avoid weight gain and reach the obesity mark. Consuming a healthy balanced diet, exercising regularly which includes both cardio exercises and resistance weight training, keeping a regular check on body weight and most importantly taking your health and body seriously are essential steps to prevent excessive weight gain.