10 Symptoms And Way To Get Rid Of Sjogren’s Syndrome In Women

Symptoms And Way To Get Rid Of Sjogren's Syndrome In Women

Sjogren’s syndrome is a condition in which women faces the issue of dry eyes and dry mouth. This is an immune system disorder which is very common in women and numerous women every year get infected with this syndrome. Irritated eyes, dry mouth, dry eyes etc are the general characteristics with which, this condition is identified. Sometimes, this condition or disorder can come along with numerous other issues and complications like arthritis and can also act as a sign or symptom of some other dangerous disease. The dryness is caused due to decreased levels of saliva in mouth and tears in the eyes. Generally women after the age of 40 develop this condition however, there is no general age classification, and women can develop this condition during any time! Here are some top causes and ways available for Sjogren’s syndrome!


1. Dry Eyes

This is one of the primary and most significant sign which showcases you are suffering from this syndrome. Due to this syndrome, the eyes get dry and you face real scarcity of tears on your eyes. Also the moisture which your eyes have on the regular basis gets short and your eyes would always feel dry. This also results into irritation and inflammation in the eyes. This is one of the most possible and perfect symptom of Sjogren’s syndrome!

Dry Eyes

2. Dry Mouth

This primary sign shows that your mouth gets dry. There is a constant and predefined amount of saliva in your mouth all the time and f this reduces and your mouth feels extremely dry, this is a sign of Sjogren’s syndrome. If you have much dry mouth and very little or no saliva, you would also feel thirsty, get a loss of appetite and suffer though these conditions!

Dry Mouth

3. Joint Pain And Swelling

As there are numerous conditions which can prevail along with this syndrome like arthritis, you may feel irritation, inflammation and pain in your joints. These are the most common conditions which occur during this syndrome. If you feel swollen joints, irritation and inflammation in your joints, this may act as a sign of Sjogren’s syndrome!

Joint Pain And Swelling

4. Dry And Swollen Salivary Glands

Dryness and itching in the salivary glands is also related to the syndrome. Due to extreme dryness, the salivary glands get highly affected and get swollen. The swollen glands would simply make you feel painful and heavy. Thus along with dry mouth and decreased saliva in your mouth, swollen salivary glands is one of the symptom.

Dry And Swollen Salivary Glands

5. Rashes Due To Dry Skin And Vaginal Dryness

Just like the other parts of the body like mouth, the skin also feels dry and itchy. Dryness in the salivary glands, in the eyes and various parts of the body also is connected with skin dryness, vaginal dryness and such conditions. These are too the signs of Sjogren’s syndrome!

Rashes Due To Dry Skin

Way To Get Rid Of Sjogren’s Syndrome

6. Drugs For Increasing Saliva Production

Due to extreme lack of saliva and dryness in the salivary glands there are various issues like swollen glands and organs which can cause problems for women. There are drugs available for increasing the saliva production which are pilocarpine, cevimeline etc which are significantly used to reduce this syndrome. These drugs would simply make your saliva production increased and get you some relief!

Drugs For Increasing Saliva Production

7. Anti-inflammatory Drugs

It is very important to identify the right complications and issues and to provide treatment according to the sings. If you are suffering from inflammation and swelling in your joints and are at a risk of arthritis along with this syndrome, the doctors would get you some anti inflammatory drugs. These drugs are identified and prescribed after identifying the other symptoms which are needed to be cured!

Anti-inflammatory Drugs

8. Surgery

Surgery is one of the most prominent treatment options available for healing Sjogren’s syndrome. For dry eyes and dry mouth, there are various surgical processes which can be used to reduce this syndrome. With surgical processes, the silicon ducts are placed in the body for more generation of tears which would get amazing impacts over this syndrome. Thus, surgery for dry eyes is one of the common treatment methods available!


9. Artificial Tears

If you are facing the dry eyes issue, the artificial tears available in the medical stores are prescribed to make your eyes moist and wet. These tears are available with prescriptions and used as a basic treatment for this syndrome.

Artificial Tears

10. Saliva Substitutes

Your mouth becomes dry and itchy due to this syndrome and thus, there are saliva substitutes available in the market which is sued for keeping the mouth moist. There are sprays, gums and various medications available with prescription to relief dry and sore mouth!

Saliva Substitutes