10 Tips To Get The Pregnancy Going Easy

Although pregnancy is a beautiful thing to happen to any woman, it is important that the mother makes it a beautiful and healthy journey as well. This can happen if the mother is aware and informed about her well being as often as possible and she can take steps to maintain herself through this life changing journey of nine months.

These Are Few Tips Are How All The Mothers To Be Can Adopt To Make The Nine Months Easier:

1. Sleep

Pregnancy can be extremely taxing. Especially with the gaining of weight at the stomach, the back is prone to get tired soon. It is extremely essential that the mother and the baby get enough rest. Rest is important and sleep is the best remedy to ensure enough rest to the mother and the baby. for a healthy pregnancy, a good nap for 8 hours is a must. While sleeping on the belly is difficult during pregnancy, so try sleeping on the sides with help of pillows which is also helpful in providing adequate blood flow to the foetus.


2. Water

Drinking 4 litres of water and above is advised to all, and when pregnancy strikes, this is one essential cheat for a healthy start. Water is important to keep the mother and baby hydrated. During summers, the mother is prone to losing electrolytes in the form of perspiration. Therefore, drinking enough water is primary to ensure that there is no weakness and of course, for a glowing skin, you never want to miss this drink!.


3. Folic Acid Vitamin Supplements

A prenatal vitamin supplement is extremely essential to keep up the nutrient levels in the body and for the baby as well. Mothers have to be disciplined for taking these supplements, as during pregnancy the intake of food reduces. Hence, keeping the nutrient and vitamin level is vital.

Folic Acid Vitamin Supplements

4. Comfort Clothing

With a baby incoming, weight gain is inevitable. Further, weight gain makes one uncomfortable by the day, but there is no opting out of it. Comfortable maternity clothes are available these days at the mother to be kind of stores. Stretch pants, which stretches as the belly expands, are a good purchase, as it’s not only comfortable but convenient too! Loose gowns are advised. Clothes that fit tight or are of coarse fabric should be best avoided.

Comfort Clothing

5. Exercise

While taking enough rest is important, it is also imperative that the body does not rust during pregnancy. Staying put at one place is also harmful for pregnant mothers. With due advise and suggestions from the physician, relaxing exercises, yoga postures are necessary to ensure that the body is in movement and flexible, along with preparing the body for stamina and child birth.


6. Healthy Dietary Habits

This is one essential tip for all mothers to be. Pregnancy entails one to be absolutely cautious and adapt healthy ways, both in lifestyle and dietary habits. A holistic diet should include wholesome mixture of proteins, carbs, fruits and green vegetables along with some fibre which can be found in nuts of all kinds. This is important for the baby and the mother’s nutrition.

Healthy Dietary Habits

7. Hot Water Bags

Hot water bags are probably the best invention of mankind. These come in handy during labour pains, and in fact during pregnancy mothers experience cramps in the abdominal area, and their backs can be completely worn out. Hot water bags ensure relaxing of muscles and can be a relief during the night before the mother dozes off.

Hot Water Bag

8. Foot Care

Another side- effect of pregnancy can be swelling of feet and hands. Swollen foot can cause pain and discomfort. Thus, attention should be drawn to the feet. Mothers are advised to lift their foot whenever convenient, or when they are relaxing on a chair they are advised to sit with a foot table so that the foot is relaxing on the tool.

Foot Care

9. Read And Relax

During pregnancy, the mothers are irritable and experience myriad of mood swings. It is vital that the mind and body is calm and relaxed. Reading books that increase endorphins, and shoots up optimism can be rejuvenating.

Read And Relax

10. Prenatal Care

Last but not the least, an important part of pregnancy is being informed about each and every stage of pregnancy from your doctor. Pre natal care is all about adhering to the suggestions as advised by the doctor and making sure that all tests and medicines are taken on time. This ensures that the mother and the baby are fine and healthy, making child birth easier on the mother.

Prenatal Care